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Week 0CT1_IntroCT1_Intro11
Week 1CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal16
Week 1CT2_ErrorAnalCT2_ErrorAnal22
Week 2CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys13
Week 2CT3_LinSysCT3_LinSys21
Week 3CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq21
Week 3CT4_AlgebraicEqCT4_AlgebraicEq23
Week 4CT5_RegressCT5_Regress24
Week 4CT5_RegressCT5_Regress24
Week 4CT5_RegressCT5_Regress25
Week 4CT5_RegressCT5_Regress25
Week 5CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg18
Week 5CT6_DifferIntegCT6_DifferInteg34
Week 8CT9_PDECT9_PDE19
Week 8CT9_PDECT9_PDE26

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1Introduction - Computational TechniquesDownload
2TAs Intro 01 - Numerical methods for EngineersDownload
3TAs Intro 02 - Numerical methods for EngineersDownload
4Overview of Learning ModulesDownload
5Errors and ApproximationsDownload
6Course PlanDownload
7Truncation and Round-Off ErrorsDownload
8Tutorial: ExcelDownload
9Binary Numbers: IntroductionDownload
10Floating Point: Real numbers in decimal systemDownload
11Floating Point in Binary systemDownload
12Iterative MethodDownload
13Direct MethodDownload
14Sequential MethodDownload
15Linear Algebra: BasicsDownload
16Introduction to Linear EquationsDownload
17Rank Condition for Solving Linear EquationsDownload
18Motivating Gauss EliminationDownload
19Gauss Elimination Download
20Tutorial Recap: Gauss EliminationDownload
21Back Substitution to find solutionDownload
22Gauss Jordan and LU DecompositionDownload
23Partial Pivoting in Gauss EliminationDownload
24Analysis of Gauss EliminationDownload
25Tri-Diagonal Systems: Practical RelevanceDownload
26Thomas Algorithm for Tri-Diagonal SystemsDownload
27Gauss Siedel MethodDownload
28Analysis of Gauss Siedel MethodDownload
29Gauss Siedel vs. Jacobi MethodsDownload
30Bonus: Example using MS ExcelDownload
31Summary: Linear EquationsDownload
32Introduction to Nonlinear EquationsDownload
33Bisection MethodDownload
34Analysis of Bisection MethodDownload
35Bonus: Excel Solution for Bisection MethodDownload
36Regula-Falsi MethodDownload
37Bonus: Excel Solution for Regula-Falsi MethodDownload
38Regula-Falsi vs. Secant MethodDownload
39Bonus: Excel Solution for Secant MethodDownload
40Some special casesDownload
41Fixed-Point IterationDownload
42Newton-Raphson MethodDownload
43Analysis of Fixed-Point IterationDownload
44Analysis of Newton-RaphsonDownload
45Problems with Newton-RaphsonDownload
46Multi-Variable Fixed-Point IterationDownload
47Multi-Variable Newton-RaphsonDownload
48Out of Syllabus: Improvements to NR MethodsDownload
49Out of Syllabus: Roots of a polynomialDownload
50Summary Download
51Introduction: Regression and InterpolationDownload
52Linear Regression in One VariableDownload
53Recap: Formula for Linear RegressionDownload
54Bonus: Linear Regression using MS-ExcelDownload
55Linear Regression in Multiple VariablesDownload
56Matrix Method for Multi-Linear RegressionDownload
57Polynomial RegressionDownload
58Functional RegressionDownload
59Bonus: X-Y versus Y-X data (Using MS Excel)Download
60Interpolation: Introduction & A Naïve ExtensionDownload
61Bonus: MS-Excel for Naïve InterpolationDownload
62Lagrange Interpolating PolynomialsDownload
63Newton's Forward Difference PolynomialDownload
64Newton's Divided Differences: DerivationDownload
65Interpolation ExamplesDownload
66Bonus: MS-Excel for Newton's PolynomialDownload
67Summary: Regression and InterpolationDownload
68Numerical Differentiation: IntroductionDownload
69Numerical Differentiation Formula and AnalysisDownload
70Derivation using "Method of undetermined coefficients"Download
71Three-point differentiation formulaeDownload
72Bonus: Differentiation using MS-ExcelDownload
73Truncation vs. Round-Off ErrorsDownload
74Numerical Differentiation ExamplesDownload
75Summary of Numerical DifferentiationDownload
76Numerical Integration: IntroductionDownload
77Trapezoidal rule and DerivationDownload
78Simpson's Rules for IntegrationDownload
79Bonus: MS-Excel for Numerical IntegrationDownload
80Error Analysis for Simpson's RulesDownload
81Numerical Integration ExamplesDownload
82Bonus: Integration using MS-ExcelDownload
83Summary of "Newton Cotes" FormulaeDownload
84Richardson's ExtrapolationDownload
85Gauss QuadratureDownload
86Summary of Numerical IntegrationDownload
87Introduction to ODE-IVPDownload
88Motivation using an Example (Bonus)Download
89Euler's Methods and Second-Order MethodsDownload
90Second-Order Runge-Kutta MethodsDownload
91Summary of RK-2Download
92Higher order RK MethodsDownload
93Bonus: ODE-IVP using MS-ExcelDownload
94Bonus: RK-2 and RK-4 Methods using MS-ExcelDownload
95Summary and RecapDownload
96Introduction to Predictor-Corrector MethodsDownload
97Stability of Implicit Methods: OverviewDownload
98Stability Analysis of Euler's MethodsDownload
99Extension to multiple variablesDownload
100Local vs. Global Truncation ErrorsDownload
101Richardson's Extrapolation Download
102Stiff System of ODEs: IntroductionDownload
103Adaptive Step-sizingDownload
104Adaptive step-sizing and Embedded MethodsDownload
105Bonus: Errors and Extrapolation using MS-ExcelDownload
106Summary and Recap (Weeks 10 and 11)Download
107Introduction to ODE-BVPDownload
108Shooting Method: An OverviewDownload
109Finite Difference Method: An OverviewDownload
110Solution using Shooting MethodDownload
111Algorithm for Shooting MethodDownload
112Problems with Shooting MethodDownload
113Solving ODE-BVP using Finite Difference MethodDownload
114Microsoft Excel based SolutionDownload
115Recap of Week-12 (ODE-BVP)Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction - Computational TechniquesPDF unavailable
2TAs Intro 01 - Numerical methods for EngineersPDF unavailable
3TAs Intro 02 - Numerical methods for EngineersPDF unavailable
4Overview of Learning ModulesPDF unavailable
5Errors and ApproximationsPDF unavailable
6Course PlanPDF unavailable
7Truncation and Round-Off ErrorsPDF unavailable
8Tutorial: ExcelPDF unavailable
9Binary Numbers: IntroductionPDF unavailable
10Floating Point: Real numbers in decimal systemPDF unavailable
11Floating Point in Binary systemPDF unavailable
12Iterative MethodPDF unavailable
13Direct MethodPDF unavailable
14Sequential MethodPDF unavailable
15Linear Algebra: BasicsPDF unavailable
16Introduction to Linear EquationsPDF unavailable
17Rank Condition for Solving Linear EquationsPDF unavailable
18Motivating Gauss EliminationPDF unavailable
19Gauss Elimination PDF unavailable
20Tutorial Recap: Gauss EliminationPDF unavailable
21Back Substitution to find solutionPDF unavailable
22Gauss Jordan and LU DecompositionPDF unavailable
23Partial Pivoting in Gauss EliminationPDF unavailable
24Analysis of Gauss EliminationPDF unavailable
25Tri-Diagonal Systems: Practical RelevancePDF unavailable
26Thomas Algorithm for Tri-Diagonal SystemsPDF unavailable
27Gauss Siedel MethodPDF unavailable
28Analysis of Gauss Siedel MethodPDF unavailable
29Gauss Siedel vs. Jacobi MethodsPDF unavailable
30Bonus: Example using MS ExcelPDF unavailable
31Summary: Linear EquationsPDF unavailable
32Introduction to Nonlinear EquationsPDF unavailable
33Bisection MethodPDF unavailable
34Analysis of Bisection MethodPDF unavailable
35Bonus: Excel Solution for Bisection MethodPDF unavailable
36Regula-Falsi MethodPDF unavailable
37Bonus: Excel Solution for Regula-Falsi MethodPDF unavailable
38Regula-Falsi vs. Secant MethodPDF unavailable
39Bonus: Excel Solution for Secant MethodPDF unavailable
40Some special casesPDF unavailable
41Fixed-Point IterationPDF unavailable
42Newton-Raphson MethodPDF unavailable
43Analysis of Fixed-Point IterationPDF unavailable
44Analysis of Newton-RaphsonPDF unavailable
45Problems with Newton-RaphsonPDF unavailable
46Multi-Variable Fixed-Point IterationPDF unavailable
47Multi-Variable Newton-RaphsonPDF unavailable
48Out of Syllabus: Improvements to NR MethodsPDF unavailable
49Out of Syllabus: Roots of a polynomialPDF unavailable
50Summary PDF unavailable
51Introduction: Regression and InterpolationPDF unavailable
52Linear Regression in One VariablePDF unavailable
53Recap: Formula for Linear RegressionPDF unavailable
54Bonus: Linear Regression using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
55Linear Regression in Multiple VariablesPDF unavailable
56Matrix Method for Multi-Linear RegressionPDF unavailable
57Polynomial RegressionPDF unavailable
58Functional RegressionPDF unavailable
59Bonus: X-Y versus Y-X data (Using MS Excel)PDF unavailable
60Interpolation: Introduction & A Naïve ExtensionPDF unavailable
61Bonus: MS-Excel for Naïve InterpolationPDF unavailable
62Lagrange Interpolating PolynomialsPDF unavailable
63Newton's Forward Difference PolynomialPDF unavailable
64Newton's Divided Differences: DerivationPDF unavailable
65Interpolation ExamplesPDF unavailable
66Bonus: MS-Excel for Newton's PolynomialPDF unavailable
67Summary: Regression and InterpolationPDF unavailable
68Numerical Differentiation: IntroductionPDF unavailable
69Numerical Differentiation Formula and AnalysisPDF unavailable
70Derivation using "Method of undetermined coefficients"PDF unavailable
71Three-point differentiation formulaePDF unavailable
72Bonus: Differentiation using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
73Truncation vs. Round-Off ErrorsPDF unavailable
74Numerical Differentiation ExamplesPDF unavailable
75Summary of Numerical DifferentiationPDF unavailable
76Numerical Integration: IntroductionPDF unavailable
77Trapezoidal rule and DerivationPDF unavailable
78Simpson's Rules for IntegrationPDF unavailable
79Bonus: MS-Excel for Numerical IntegrationPDF unavailable
80Error Analysis for Simpson's RulesPDF unavailable
81Numerical Integration ExamplesPDF unavailable
82Bonus: Integration using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
83Summary of "Newton Cotes" FormulaePDF unavailable
84Richardson's ExtrapolationPDF unavailable
85Gauss QuadraturePDF unavailable
86Summary of Numerical IntegrationPDF unavailable
87Introduction to ODE-IVPPDF unavailable
88Motivation using an Example (Bonus)PDF unavailable
89Euler's Methods and Second-Order MethodsPDF unavailable
90Second-Order Runge-Kutta MethodsPDF unavailable
91Summary of RK-2PDF unavailable
92Higher order RK MethodsPDF unavailable
93Bonus: ODE-IVP using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
94Bonus: RK-2 and RK-4 Methods using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
95Summary and RecapPDF unavailable
96Introduction to Predictor-Corrector MethodsPDF unavailable
97Stability of Implicit Methods: OverviewPDF unavailable
98Stability Analysis of Euler's MethodsPDF unavailable
99Extension to multiple variablesPDF unavailable
100Local vs. Global Truncation ErrorsPDF unavailable
101Richardson's Extrapolation PDF unavailable
102Stiff System of ODEs: IntroductionPDF unavailable
103Adaptive Step-sizingPDF unavailable
104Adaptive step-sizing and Embedded MethodsPDF unavailable
105Bonus: Errors and Extrapolation using MS-ExcelPDF unavailable
106Summary and Recap (Weeks 10 and 11)PDF unavailable
107Introduction to ODE-BVPPDF unavailable
108Shooting Method: An OverviewPDF unavailable
109Finite Difference Method: An OverviewPDF unavailable
110Solution using Shooting MethodPDF unavailable
111Algorithm for Shooting MethodPDF unavailable
112Problems with Shooting MethodPDF unavailable
113Solving ODE-BVP using Finite Difference MethodPDF unavailable
114Microsoft Excel based SolutionPDF unavailable
115Recap of Week-12 (ODE-BVP)PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
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