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Klein-Gordon and Dirac EquationsExercises for whole courseExercises for whole course60

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1Introduction, The Klein-Gordon equationPDF unavailable
2Particles and antiparticles, Two component frameworkPDF unavailable
3Coupling to electromagnetism, Solution of the Coulomb problemPDF unavailable
4Bohr-Sommerfeld semiclassical solution of the Coulomb problem, The Dirac equation and the Clifford algebraPDF unavailable
5Dirac matrices, Covariant form of the Dirac equation, Equations of motion, Spin, Free particle solutionsPDF unavailable
6Electromagnetic interactions, Gyromagnetic ratioPDF unavailable
7The Hydrogen atom problem, Symmetries, Parity, Separation of variablesPDF unavailable
8The Frobenius method solution, Energy levels and wavefunctionsPDF unavailable
9Non-relativistic reduction, The Foldy-Wouthuysen transformationPDF unavailable
10Interpretation of relativistic corrections, Reflection from a potential barrierPDF unavailable
11The Klein paradox, Pair creation process and examplesPDF unavailable
12Zitterbewegung, Hole theory and antiparticlesPDF unavailable
13Charge conjugation symmetry, Chirality, Projection operators, The Weyl equationPDF unavailable
14Weyl and Majorana representations of the Dirac equation, Unitary and antiunitary symmetriesPDF unavailable
15Time reversal symmetry, The PCT invariancePDF unavailable
16Arrow of time and particle-antiparticle asymmetry, Band theory for graphenePDF unavailable
17Dirac equation structure of low energy graphene states, Relativistic signatures in graphene propertiesPDF unavailable
18Groups and symmetries, The Lorentz and Poincare groupsPDF unavailable
19Group representations, generators and algebra, Translations, rotations and boostsPDF unavailable
20The spinor representation of SL(2,C), The spin-statistics theoremPDF unavailable
21Finite dimensional representations of the Lorentz group, Euclidean and Galilean groupsPDF unavailable
22Classification of one particle states, The little group, Mass, spin and helicityPDF unavailable
23Massive and massless one particle statesPDF unavailable
24P and T transformations, Lorentz covariance of spinorsPDF unavailable
25Lorentz group classification of Dirac operators, Orthogonality and completeness of Dirac spinors, Projection operatorsPDF unavailable
26Propagator theory, Non-relativistic case and causalityPDF unavailable
27Relativistic case, Particle and antiparticle contributions, Feynman prescription and the propagatorPDF unavailable
28Interactions and formal perturbative theory, The S-matrix and Feynman diagramsPDF unavailable
29Trace theorems for products of Dirac matricesPDF unavailable
30Photons and the gauge symmetryPDF unavailable
31Abelian local gauge symmetry, The covariant derivative and invariantsPDF unavailable
32Charge quantisation, Photon propagator, Current conservation and polarisations PDF unavailable
33Feynman rules for Quantum Electrodynamics, Nature of perturbative expansionPDF unavailable
34Dyson's analysis of the perturbation series, Singularities of the S-matrix, Elementary QED processesPDF unavailable
35The T-matrix, Coulomb scatteringPDF unavailable
36Mott cross-section, Compton scatteringPDF unavailable
37Klein-Nishina result for cross-sectionPDF unavailable
38Photon polarisation sums, Pair production through annihilationPDF unavailable
39Unpolarised and polarised cross-sectionsPDF unavailable
40Helicity properties, Bound state formationPDF unavailable
41Bound state decay, Non-relativistic potentialsPDF unavailable
42Lagrangian formulation of QED, Divergences in Green's functions, Superficially divergent 1-loop diagrams and regularisationPDF unavailable
43Infrared divergences due to massless particles, Renormalisation and finite physical resultsPDF unavailable
44Symmetry constraints on Green's functions, Furry's theorem, Ward-Takahashi identity, Spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetry and superconductivityPDF unavailable
45Status of QED, Organisation of perturbative expansion, Precision testsPDF unavailable

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