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Chapter 2: Volumetric Properties of Real FluidsAssignment of chapter-2Assignment of chapter-227
Chapter 3 : First Law of ThermodynamicsAssignment of chapter-3Assignment of chapter-375
Chapter 4 : Second Law of ThermodynamicsAssignment of chapter-4Assignment of chapter-445
Chapter 5 : Thermodynamic Properties of Real FluidsAssignment of chapter-5Assignment of chapter-527
Chapter 6 : Solution Thermodynamics and Principles of Phase EquilibriaAssignment of chapter-6Assignment of chapter-633
Chapter 7 : Vapour-Liquid EquilibriaAssignment of chapter-7Assignment of chapter-799
Chapter 8 : Chemical Reaction EquilibriaAssignment of chapter-8Assignment of chapter-887
Chapter 9 : Other Topics in Phase EquilibriaAssignment of chapter-9Assignment of chapter-972