NPTEL Hard Disk


  • We have totally 1500 videos & Web courses in NPTEL. Totally the size is 15 TB (5TB + 5TB + 5TB).
  • Your local server Linux Platform should have a internal capacity of 15 TB or more for futher updation.
  • After installing Ubuntu 64bit 16.04 or updated version OS on your PC, install webserver package in your local ubuntu server using following command :
  • apt-get install –y apache2         [To install apache webserver]

    service apache2 restart             [To install apache webserver]

    chkconfig httpd on                   [To install apache webserver]

  • Install Your PC Firefox & Google browser's in updated version.
  • Create a directory /var/www/html. And copy all the courses only into that directory from disk1, disk2, disk3, disk4, disk5 (HD’s). Create the folder for disk1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inside /var/www/html/

Alternative: If your local server doesn’t have 15TB capacity, please follow the below mentioned process.

Link the folder from mount point to /var/www/html/disk's using the following command :

  1. sudo mount -o bind /media/system username/disk1 /var/www/html/disk1/
  2. sudo mount -o bind /media/system username/disk2 /var/www/html/disk2/
  3. sudo mount -o bind /media/system username/disk3 /var/www/html/disk3/
  4. sudo mount -o bind /media/system username/disk4 /var/www/html/disk4/
  5. sudo mount -o bind /media/system username/disk5 /var/www/html/disk5/

Now, you can access NPTEL courses in the browser using your local IP or http://localhost

These steps below are to SETUP VLC plugin in your browser. If you already have the VLC player installed follow from Step 2

Step 1:
Download vlc player through internet. And install the VLC player setup.

Alternative: You may use the following command to install VLC Player on Ubuntu using the following command

  1. apt-get install –y vlc
  2. apt-get install vlc browser-plugin-vlc

Step 2:
Open Firefox & Google browser and select "options" in toolbar.

Step 3:
Move to Application tab and search for media file like mp3, audio, mp4 file.

Step 4:
Choose the "MP4" file and click on "Action" column, then select "Use other" option.

Step 5:
Select VLC player as your plugin.

Step 6:
Close all instances of Firefox & Google and Restart Firefox browser.

- The above steps are for Firefox & Google, but similar plug in set up can be done in any browser.
- Similarly, the above steps have been defined for using VLC player.
- Any other player can also be used. The NPTEL index HTMLs may be modified by the institute, as required.

Step 7:
You should have pdf reader in your machine for displaying web courses.