Kona Sandhya Rani

Intern Details


: Kona Sandhya Rani

  Intern Id

: IND677174

  Organisation Name

: Madanapalle Institute Of Technology & Science


: B.Tech (2015-2018)


: Computer Science

  Internship Institute

: IIIT Bangalore

  Course Instructor

: Prof.Meenakshi

  Start Date

: 2018-06-18

  End Date

: 2018-07-10

Work Done

RAPID is a high-level programming language used to control ABB (ASEA Brown Bover, a Swiss manufacturer of robots) industrial robots.

It stands for Robot Application Programming Interface Delegate.

It is a set of data structures that simplifies the process of communicating among multiple diverse robots and their control and command systems.

It uses some English words like IF and FOR. RAPID was introduced by ABB in 1994 along with S4 Control System, superseding the ARLA programming language.

It can be checked using SAT and SMT solvers. Z3 solver is used to check the satisfiability and unsat.