Rajiv Ramachandran

Intern Details


: Rajiv Ramachandran

  Intern Id

: IND201111

  Organisation Name

: NIT Trichy


: B.Tech(2016-2020)



  Internship Institute

: Nptel, IIT Madras

  Course Instructor

: Prof.Andrew Thangaraj

  Start Date

: 2018-05-07

  End Date

: 2018-07-05

Work Done

In the following month I have worked on the following :

1. Cleaning up of certain columns in the database using string matching algorithms(preprocessing)
2. Analysis of Toppers of various courses using the 10%,5%,2%,1% categories.
3. Gender wise study of toppers across disciplines
4. Built a classifier to take in the mark distribution of a course and call it easy or hard
5. Analysis of courses under both categories
Improved an already written code for obtaining the threads from the discussion forum. In the process of building a binary classifier to distinguish subject related posts from others.

In terms of domains I was involved in data cleansing, data analysis,visualization and machine learning.