Mrithula Shanmathy

Intern Details


: Mrithula Shanmathy

  Intern Id

: IND135151

  Organisation Name

: PSG College of Technology


: B.Tech


: Biotechnology

  Internship Institute

: IIT Madras

  Course Instructor

: Prof Srinivas Chakravarthy

  Start Date

: 2018-11-26

  End Date

: 2018-12-07

Work Done

I was a part of CNS Laboratory under the guidance of Prof. Srinivas Chakravarthy at IIT Madras during my internship. The work assigned to me was to edit the transcripts of the NPTEL online lectures of the course 'Demystifying the brain'. Editing those transcripts was like a recapitulation through the lectures of the course. Thank you NPTEL for giving me this wonderful opportunity.