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ARM Introduction and Pipeline structuresLesson PlanLesson Plan219
ARM Introduction and Pipeline structuresReference textbooksReference textbooks219
ARM Introduction and Pipeline structuresTools software usedTools software used87
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ARM Introduction and Pipeline structuresMutiple Choice QuestionsMutiple Choice questions304

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1Types of computer Architectures, ISA's and ARM HistoryPDF unavailable
2Embedded System Software and Hardware, stack implementation in ARM, Endianness, condition codesPDF unavailable
3Processor core VS CPU core, ARM7TDMI Interface signals, Memory Interface, Bus Cycle types, Register set, Operational ModesPDF unavailable
4Instruction Format, ARM Core Data Flow Model, ARM 3 stage Pipeline, ARM family attribute comparisionPDF unavailable
5ARM 5 stage Pipeline, Pipeline Hazards, Data forwarding - a hardware solutionPDF unavailable
6ARM ISA and Processor Variants, Different Types of Instructions, ARM Instruction set, data processing instructionsPDF unavailable
7Shift Operations, shift Operations using RS lower byte, Immediate value encodingPDF unavailable
8Dataprocessing InstructionsPDF unavailable
9AddressingMode-1, Addressing Mode -2PDF unavailable
10Addressing Mode -2, LDR/STR, Addressing mode -3 with examplesPDF unavailable
11Instruction Timing, Addressing Mode - 4 with ExamplesPDF unavailable
12Swap Instructions, Swap Register related Instructions, Loading ConstantsPDF unavailable
13Program Control Flow, Control Flow Instructions, B & BL instructions, BX instructionPDF unavailable
14Interrupts and Exceptions, Exception Handlers, Reset HandlingPDF unavailable
15Aborts, software Interrupt Instruction, undefined instruction exceptionPDF unavailable
16Interrupt Latency, Multiply Instructions, Instruction set examplesPDF unavailable
17Thumb state, Thumb Programmers model, Thumb Implementation, Thumb ApplicationsPDF unavailable
18Thumb Instructions, Interrupt processingPDF unavailable
19Interrupt Handelling schemes, Examples of Interrupt HandlersPDF unavailable
20CoprocessorsPDF unavailable
21Coprocessor Instructions, data Processign Instruction, data transfers, register transfersPDF unavailable
22Number representations, floating point representationPDF unavailable
23Flynn's Taxonomy, SIMD and Vector Processors, Vector Floating Point Processor (VFP), VFP and ARM interactions, An example vector operationPDF unavailable
24Memory Technologies, Need for memory Hierarchy, Hierarchical Memory Organization, Virtual MemoryPDF unavailable
25Cache Memory, Mapping FunctionsPDF unavailable
26Cache Design, Unified or split cache, multiple level of caches, ARM cache features, coprocessor 15 for system controlPDF unavailable
27Processes, Memory Map, Protected Systems, ARM systems with MPU, memory Protection Unit (MPU)PDF unavailable
28Physical Vs Virtual Memory, Paging, SegmentationPDF unavailable
29MMU Advantage, virtual memory translation, Multitasking with MMU, MMU organization, Tightly coupled Memory (TCM)PDF unavailable
30ARM Development Environment, Arm Procedure Call Standard (APCS),PDF unavailable
31Example C programPDF unavailable
32Embedded software Development, Image structure, linker inputs and outputs, memory map, application startupPDF unavailable
33AMBA Overview, Typical AMAB Based Microcontroller, AHB bus features, AHB Bus transfers, APB bus transfers, APB bridgePDF unavailable
34DMA, Peripherals, Programming Peripherals in ARMPDF unavailable
35DMA:Direct Memory AccessPDF unavailable
36Protocols (I2c, SPI), UART, GPIOPDF unavailable
37ARM ISAs, ARMv5, ARMv6, ARM v7, big.little technology, ARMv8PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available