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1Lecture-01: Introduction to Communication NetworksPDF unavailable
2Lecture-02 : Introduction to Communication Networks (cont'd)PDF unavailable
3Lecture -03: Introduction to Communication Networks (cont'd)PDF unavailable
4Lecture -04: Circuit Switch NetworksPDF unavailable
5Lecture -5: Space switch ArtitechturePDF unavailable
6Lecture-6: Space switch Architecture cont'dPDF unavailable
7Lecture-7 : Space Switch Architecture cont’dPDF unavailable
8Lecture- 8: Space Switch Architecture cont’dPDF unavailable
9Lecture -9 : Space Switch Architecture cont’dPDF unavailable
10Lecture-10 : Time SwitchPDF unavailable
11Lecture-11: Space Time SwitchPDF unavailable
12Lecture-12: Space Time Switch cont'dPDF unavailable
13Lecture -13: SynchronisationPDF unavailable
14Lecture-14: Synchronisation cont'd.PDF unavailable
15Lecture-15 : Introduction to Queuing Theory.PDF unavailable
16Lecture-16: Arrival and Service ProcessPDF unavailable
17Lecture-17: Poisson ProcessPDF unavailable
18Lecture-18: poisson process cont'd.PDF unavailable
19Lecture-19: MemorylessnessPDF unavailable
20Lecture-20: Little's TheoremPDF unavailable
21Lecture-21: Little's Theorem cont'dPDF unavailable
22Lecture-22 : D T M CPDF unavailable
23Lecture - 23 : D T M C cont'dPDF unavailable
24Lecture-24: D T M C To C T M CPDF unavailable
25Lecture-25 : C T M CPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26 : M/M/1 QueuePDF unavailable
27Lecture-27: M/M/m And M/M/m/m SystemPDF unavailable
28Lecture-28: Introduction to Data NetworksPDF unavailable
29Lecture-29: Introduction to Data Networks (contd)PDF unavailable
30Lecture-30: Introduction to Data Networks (contd)PDF unavailable
31Lecture-31: Layered ArchitecturePDF unavailable
32Lecture-32: Layered Architecture- contd.PDF unavailable
33Lecture-33: Broadband Access - Dail Up/ADSLPDF unavailable
34Lecture-34: Broadband Access – DSL, AlohaPDF unavailable
35Lecture-35: Aloha / Slotted AlohaPDF unavailable
36Lecture-36:Slotted AlohaPDF unavailable
37Lecture-37: Slotted Aloha (contd.)PDF unavailable
38Lecture-38: Slotted Aloha- Stability AnalysisPDF unavailable
39lecture-39: Slotted Aloha- Stability Analysis contd.PDF unavailable
40Lecture-40: Stabilized Slotted Aloha- bayesian EstimationPDF unavailable
41Lecture-41:Binary Back- off AlgorithmPDF unavailable
42Lecture-42: Effect of Physical MediaPDF unavailable
43Lecture-43: PON and Ethernet MACPDF unavailable
44Lecture-44: PON and Ethernet MAC contd.PDF unavailable
45Lecture-45: CSMA/ CDPDF unavailable
46Lecture-46: CSMA/ CAPDF unavailable
47Lecture-47: CSMA/ CA Contd.PDF unavailable
48Lecture-48: CSMA/ CA Contd.PDF unavailable
49Lecture-49: CSMA/ CA Contd.PDF unavailable
50Lecture-50: Learning BridgesPDF unavailable
51Lecture-51: Learning Bridges contd.PDF unavailable
52Lecture-52: Distributed Spanning TreePDF unavailable
53Lecture-53: Distributed Spanning Tree contd.PDF unavailable
54Lecture-54:Internet ProtocolPDF unavailable
55Lecture-55:PDF unavailable
56Lecture-56:Subnet and ARPPDF unavailable
57Lecture-57: ARP and DHCPPDF unavailable
58Lecture-58:DHCP and RoutingPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available