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1Semiconductor materialsPDF unavailable
2PN Junction DiodesPDF unavailable
3Diode Equivalent CircuitsPDF unavailable
4Diode Rectifier CircuitsPDF unavailable
5Zener Diode and ApplicationsPDF unavailable
6Clipping and Clamping CircuitsPDF unavailable
7Transistor Operation - Part - 1PDF unavailable
8Transistor Operation Part - 2PDF unavailable
9Biasing the BJTPDF unavailable
10Biasing the BJT - Part - 2PDF unavailable
11BJT Small Signal AnalysisPDF unavailable
12BJT Amplifier - Part - 1PDF unavailable
13BJT Amplifier Part - 2PDF unavailable
14Frequency Response of BJT Analysis - Part - 1PDF unavailable
15Bipolar Junction TransistorsPDF unavailable
16Transistor as a SwitchPDF unavailable
17MOSFET - Part -1PDF unavailable
18MOSFET - Part - 2PDF unavailable
19MOSFET under dc operationPDF unavailable
20Mosfet as an AmplifierPDF unavailable
21Small signal model of MOSFET - Part 1PDF unavailable
22Small signal model of MOSFET - Part 2PDF unavailable
23High Frequency model of mosfetPDF unavailable
24Junction Field Effect TransistorPDF unavailable
25Operational Amplifier IntroductionPDF unavailable
26Ideal Op-AmpPDF unavailable
27Op-Amp applications Part -1PDF unavailable
28Op-Amp Applications Part -2PDF unavailable
29Op-Amp Applications Part - 3PDF unavailable
30The practical Op-AmpPDF unavailable
31Positive feedback and oscillationPDF unavailable
32ComparatorPDF unavailable
33Large Signal AmplifiersPDF unavailable
34Transformer Couple Power AmplifierPDF unavailable
35Class AB Operations of PowerAmplifierPDF unavailable
36Power BJTsPDF unavailable
37Regulated Power SupplyPDF unavailable
38Four Layered DiodePDF unavailable
39Silicon Control RectifierPDF unavailable
40SCR ApplicationsPDF unavailable

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