Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Scattering MatrixDownload
2Scattering Matrix continuedDownload
3Scattering Matrix continuedDownload
4Creating single particle states -1Download
5Creating single particle states -2Download
6Annihilating single particle statesDownload
7Creating Multiparticle StatesDownload
8LSZ reductionDownload
9LSZ reduction continuedDownload
10S matrixDownload
11S matrix continuedDownload
12S matrix continuedDownload
13Pole and residue of the propagatorDownload
14Kallen-Lehmann spectral representationDownload
15Kallen-Lehmann spectral representation continuedDownload
16High Energy Experiment SetupDownload
17High Energy Experiment Setup-2Download
18Scattering cross-sectionDownload
19Differential cross-sectionDownload
202-2 scattering cross-sectionDownload
21Loop diagrams-1Download
22Wick rotated Green's functionsDownload
23UV divergences Part 1Download
24UV divergences Part 2Download
25UV divergences Part 3Download
26Explicit evalutation of Feynman integralsDownload
27Few more Feynman integralsDownload
28UV Singularity structure in dimensional regularizationDownload
29Renormalization -Part 1Download
30Renormalization -Part 2Download
31Renormalization-Part 3Download
32Renormalization-Part 4Download
33Renormalization - Part 5Download
34Renormalization Group Equation 1Download
35Renormaliztion Group Equations 2Download
36Renormaliztion Group Equations 3Download
37Solution of Callan Symanzik EquationDownload
38UV and IR fixed points and Asymptotic FreedomDownload
39Behaviour near fixed pointDownload

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1Scattering MatrixPDF unavailable
2Scattering Matrix continuedPDF unavailable
3Scattering Matrix continuedPDF unavailable
4Creating single particle states -1PDF unavailable
5Creating single particle states -2PDF unavailable
6Annihilating single particle statesPDF unavailable
7Creating Multiparticle StatesPDF unavailable
8LSZ reductionPDF unavailable
9LSZ reduction continuedPDF unavailable
10S matrixPDF unavailable
11S matrix continuedPDF unavailable
12S matrix continuedPDF unavailable
13Pole and residue of the propagatorPDF unavailable
14Kallen-Lehmann spectral representationPDF unavailable
15Kallen-Lehmann spectral representation continuedPDF unavailable
16High Energy Experiment SetupPDF unavailable
17High Energy Experiment Setup-2PDF unavailable
18Scattering cross-sectionPDF unavailable
19Differential cross-sectionPDF unavailable
202-2 scattering cross-sectionPDF unavailable
21Loop diagrams-1PDF unavailable
22Wick rotated Green's functionsPDF unavailable
23UV divergences Part 1PDF unavailable
24UV divergences Part 2PDF unavailable
25UV divergences Part 3PDF unavailable
26Explicit evalutation of Feynman integralsPDF unavailable
27Few more Feynman integralsPDF unavailable
28UV Singularity structure in dimensional regularizationPDF unavailable
29Renormalization -Part 1PDF unavailable
30Renormalization -Part 2PDF unavailable
31Renormalization-Part 3PDF unavailable
32Renormalization-Part 4PDF unavailable
33Renormalization - Part 5PDF unavailable
34Renormalization Group Equation 1PDF unavailable
35Renormaliztion Group Equations 2PDF unavailable
36Renormaliztion Group Equations 3PDF unavailable
37Solution of Callan Symanzik EquationPDF unavailable
38UV and IR fixed points and Asymptotic FreedomPDF unavailable
39Behaviour near fixed pointPDF unavailable

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