Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Quantum Mechanics An Introduction PDF unavailable
2Linear Vector Spaces - IPDF unavailable
3Linear Vector Spaces - II: The two-level atomPDF unavailable
4Linear Vector Spaces - III: The three-level atomPDF unavailable
5Postulates of Quantum Mechanics - IPDF unavailable
6Postulates of Quantum Mechanics - IIPDF unavailable
7The Uncertainty PrinciplePDF unavailable
8The Linear Harmonic OscillatorPDF unavailable
9Introducing Quantum OpticsPDF unavailable
10An Interesting Quantum Superposition: The Coherent State PDF unavailable
11The Displacement and Squeezing OperatorsPDF unavailable
12Exercises in Finite Dimensional Linear Vector SpacesPDF unavailable
13Exercises on Angular Momentum Operators and their algebraPDF unavailable
14Exercises on Quantum Expectation ValuesPDF unavailable
15Composite SystemsPDF unavailable
16The Quantum Beam SplitterPDF unavailable
17Addition of Angular Momenta - IPDF unavailable
18Addition of Angular Momenta - IIPDF unavailable
19Addition of Angular Momenta - IIIPDF unavailable
20Infinite Dimensional Linear Vector SpacesPDF unavailable
21Square-Integrable FunctionsPDF unavailable
22Ingredients of Wave MechanicsPDF unavailable
23The Schrodinger equationPDF unavailable
24Wave Mechanics of the Simple Harmonic OscillatorPDF unavailable
25One-Dimensional Square Well Potential: The Bound State ProblemPDF unavailable
26The Square Well and the Square Potential BarrierPDF unavailable
27The Particle in a one-dimensional Box PDF unavailable
28A Charged Particle in a Uniform Magnetic FieldPDF unavailable
29The Wavefunction: Its Single-valuedness and its PhasePDF unavailable
30The Central PotentialPDF unavailable
31The Spherical HarmonicsPDF unavailable
32Central Potential: The Radial EquationPDF unavailable
33Illustrative Exercises -IPDF unavailable
34Illustrative Exercises -IIPDF unavailable
35Ehrenfest's TheoremPDF unavailable
36Perturbation Theory - IPDF unavailable
37Perturbation Theory - IIPDF unavailable
38Perturbation Theory - IIIPDF unavailable
39Perturbation Theory - IVPDF unavailable
40Time-dependent HamiltoniansPDF unavailable
41The Jaynes-Cummings modelPDF unavailable

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