Sl.No Chapter Name English
1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Keplers LawPDF unavailable
3The Solar SystemPDF unavailable
4The Solar System (Contd.)PDF unavailable
5Binary SystemsPDF unavailable
6Binary Systems (Contd.)PDF unavailable
7Tidal Forces and the Earth Moon SystemPDF unavailable
8Fluid MechanicsPDF unavailable
9Hydrostatics and the Solar WindPDF unavailable
10Radiative TransferPDF unavailable
11Radiative Transfer (Contd.)PDF unavailable
12Thermal RadiationPDF unavailable
13Thermal Radiation and the SunPDF unavailable
14Virial Theorem and Its Application to StarsPDF unavailable
15Stars: Magnitudes and the H-R DiagramPDF unavailable
16Stellar Physics - IPDF unavailable
17Stellar Physics - IIPDF unavailable
18Stellar Physics - IIIPDF unavailable
19Stellar Physics - IVPDF unavailable
20Stellar Physics - VPDF unavailable
21White DwarfsPDF unavailable
22White Dwarfs and Neutron StarsPDF unavailable
23GalaxiesPDF unavailable
24Galaxies and the Expanding UniversePDF unavailable
25The Expanding UniversePDF unavailable
26Dynamics of the Expanding UniversePDF unavailable
27Dynamics of the Expanding Universe (Contd.)PDF unavailable
28The Expanding Universe and the Cosmological MetricPDF unavailable
29The Cosmological Space - TimePDF unavailable
30DistancesPDF unavailable
31Distances (Contd.)PDF unavailable
32Distances and the Hubble ParameterPDF unavailable
33Distances, the Hubble Parameter and Dark Energy (Contd.)PDF unavailable
34CMBR and Thermal HistoryPDF unavailable
35CMBR and Thermal History (Contd...1)PDF unavailable
36CMBR and Thermal History (Contd...2)PDF unavailable
37Thermal History, Expansion Rate and Neutrino MassPDF unavailable
38Thermal History: Neutrino Mass, NucleosynthesisPDF unavailable
39Big Bang NucleosynthesisPDF unavailable
40Big Bang Nucleosynthesis(Contd..)PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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4HindiNot Available
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6MalayalamNot Available
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8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available