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Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and ApplicationsMCQs of Plasma PhysicsFAQs of Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications1890
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Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and ApplicationsFAQs of Plasma PhysicsFAQs Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications350

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to PlasmasPDF unavailable
2Plasma Response to fields: Fluid EquationsPDF unavailable
3DC Conductivity and Negative Differential ConductivityPDF unavailable
4RF Conductivity of PlasmaPDF unavailable
5RF Conductivity of Plasma ContdPDF unavailable
6Hall Effect, Cowling Effect and Cyclotron Resonance HeatingPDF unavailable
7Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in PlasmaPDF unavailable
8Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasma ContdPDF unavailable
9Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Inhomogeneous Plasma PDF unavailable
10Electrostatic Waves in PlasmasPDF unavailable
11Energy Flow with an Electrostatic WavePDF unavailable
12Two Stream InstabilityPDF unavailable
13Relativistic electron Beam- Plasma InteractionPDF unavailable
14Cerenkov Free Electron LaserPDF unavailable
15Free Electron LaserPDF unavailable
16Free Electron Laser: Energy gainPDF unavailable
17Free Electron Laser: Wiggler Tapering and Compton Regime OperationPDF unavailable
18Weibel InstabilityPDF unavailable
19Rayleigh Taylor InstabilityPDF unavailable
20Single Particle Motion in Static Magnetic and Electric FieldsPDF unavailable
21Plasma Physics Grad B and Curvature DriftsPDF unavailable
22Adiabatic Invariance of Magnetic Moment and Mirror confinementPDF unavailable
23Mirror machinePDF unavailable
24Thermonuclear fusionPDF unavailable
25Tokamak PDF unavailable
26Tokamak operationPDF unavailable
27Auxiliary heating and current drive in tokamakPDF unavailable
28Electromagnetic waves propagation in magnetise plasmaPDF unavailable
29Longitudinal electromagnetic wave propagation cutoffs, resonances and faraday rotationPDF unavailable
30Electromagnetic propagation at oblique angles to magnetic field in a plasmaPDF unavailable
31Low frequency EM waves magnetized plasmaPDF unavailable
32Electrostatic waves in magnetized plasmaPDF unavailable
33Ion acoustic, ion cyclotron and magneto sonic waves in magnetized plasmaPDF unavailable
34VIasov theory of plasma wavesPDF unavailable
35Landau damping and growth of wavesPDF unavailable
36Landau damping and growth of waves ContdPDF unavailable
37Anomalous resistivity in a plasmaPDF unavailable
38Diffusion in plasmaPDF unavailable
39Diffusion in magnetized plasmaPDF unavailable
40Surface plasma wavePDF unavailable
41Laser interaction with plasmas embedded with clustersPDF unavailable
42Current trends and epiloguePDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available