Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Form-dominant design - IDownload
2Form-dominant design - IIDownload
3Failure theories -1Download
4Failure theories - 2Download
5Failure theories - 3Download
6Material properties -1Download
7Material properties – 2Download
8Material properties – 3Download
10FGM for marine application -1Download
11FGM for marine application -2Download
12Design methods -1Download
13Design methods- 2Download
14Load combinationsDownload
15Dynamic material strengthDownload
16Material properties variationsDownload
17Plastic design-1Download
18Plastic design -2Download
19Plastic design -3Download
20Shape factor examplesDownload
21Plastic analysis-1Download
22Plastic analysis -2Download
23Plastic design -1Download
24Plastic design -2Download
25Plastic design -2Download
26Structural StabilityDownload
27Euler’s loadDownload
28Rotation coefficients for stability functionsDownload
29Stability functions -1Download
30Stability functions -2Download
31Stability function -3Download
32Buckling and stabilityDownload
33Critical buckling load- Numerical examplesDownload
34Stability problems- numerical examplesDownload
35Stability of shellsDownload
36Unsymmetric bending -1Download
37Unsymmetric bending- example problemsDownload
38Shear center-1Download
39Shear center- 2Download
40Shear center -3Download
41Curved sectionDownload
42Shear center for curved sectionsDownload
43Shear center for unsymmetric sectionDownload
44Curved beam -1Download
45Curved beam with large curvature -1Download
46Curved beam with large curvature -2Download
47Modified area factor for curved sectionDownload
48M factor for curved beamsDownload
49Crane hookDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Form-dominant design - IPDF unavailable
2Form-dominant design - IIPDF unavailable
3Failure theories -1PDF unavailable
4Failure theories - 2PDF unavailable
5Failure theories - 3PDF unavailable
6Material properties -1PDF unavailable
7Material properties – 2PDF unavailable
8Material properties – 3PDF unavailable
9FGMPDF unavailable
10FGM for marine application -1PDF unavailable
11FGM for marine application -2PDF unavailable
12Design methods -1PDF unavailable
13Design methods- 2PDF unavailable
14Load combinationsPDF unavailable
15Dynamic material strengthPDF unavailable
16Material properties variationsPDF unavailable
17Plastic design-1PDF unavailable
18Plastic design -2PDF unavailable
19Plastic design -3PDF unavailable
20Shape factor examplesPDF unavailable
21Plastic analysis-1PDF unavailable
22Plastic analysis -2PDF unavailable
23Plastic design -1PDF unavailable
24Plastic design -2PDF unavailable
25Plastic design -2PDF unavailable
26Structural StabilityPDF unavailable
27Euler’s loadPDF unavailable
28Rotation coefficients for stability functionsPDF unavailable
29Stability functions -1PDF unavailable
30Stability functions -2PDF unavailable
31Stability function -3PDF unavailable
32Buckling and stabilityPDF unavailable
33Critical buckling load- Numerical examplesPDF unavailable
34Stability problems- numerical examplesPDF unavailable
35Stability of shellsPDF unavailable
36Unsymmetric bending -1PDF unavailable
37Unsymmetric bending- example problemsPDF unavailable
38Shear center-1PDF unavailable
39Shear center- 2PDF unavailable
40Shear center -3PDF unavailable
41Curved sectionPDF unavailable
42Shear center for curved sectionsPDF unavailable
43Shear center for unsymmetric sectionPDF unavailable
44Curved beam -1PDF unavailable
45Curved beam with large curvature -1PDF unavailable
46Curved beam with large curvature -2PDF unavailable
47Modified area factor for curved sectionPDF unavailable
48M factor for curved beamsPDF unavailable
49Crane hookPDF unavailable

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