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Module 1Test paper 1Dynamics of Ocean Structures234
Module 1Test paper 2Dynamics of Ocean Structures378
Module 1Test paper 3Dynamics of Ocean Structures21
Module 1Test paper 4Dynamics of Ocean Structures228
Module 1Test paper 5Dynamics of Ocean Structures28
Module 1Test paper 6Dynamics of Ocean Structures36
Module 1Test paper 7Dynamics of Ocean Structures61
Module 1Test paper 8Dynamics of Ocean Structures11

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to different types of ocean structures IPDF unavailable
2Introduction to different types of ocean structures IIPDF unavailable
3Introduction to different types of ocean structures IIIPDF unavailable
4Types of Compliant towersPDF unavailable
5New Generation offshore and Coastal structuresPDF unavailable
6Environmental forcesPDF unavailable
7Wave forces, CurrentPDF unavailable
8Introduction to Structural dynamicsPDF unavailable
9Characteristics of single degree - of- freedom modelPDF unavailable
10Methods of writing equation of motionPDF unavailable
11Free and forced vibration of single degree - of - freedom systemsPDF unavailable
12Undamped and damped systems IPDF unavailable
13Undamped and damped systems IIPDF unavailable
14Undamped and damped systems IIIPDF unavailable
15Comparison of methodsPDF unavailable
16ExamplesPDF unavailable
17Numerical problems in single degree - of - freedom systemsPDF unavailable
18Two degrees - of - freedom systemsPDF unavailable
19Eigenvalues and EigenvectorsPDF unavailable
20Orthogonality of modesPDF unavailable
21Study of Multi degrees - of - freedom systemsPDF unavailable
22Equations of motionPDF unavailable
23Natural frequencies and mode shapesPDF unavailable
24Stodla, Rayleigh - Ritz and influence coefficient methods, DunkerleyPDF unavailable
25Continuous systemPDF unavailable
26Structural action of offshore structuresPDF unavailable
27Fluid - Structure interaction IPDF unavailable
28Fluid - Structure interaction II Dynamic analysis of offshore jacket platformsPDF unavailable
29Steps of analysis using softwarePDF unavailable
30Steps of analysis using software (contd..)PDF unavailable
31Dynamic analysis of articulated towersPDF unavailable
32Iterative frequency domain IPDF unavailable
33Iterative frequency domain IIPDF unavailable
34Multi - legged articulated towersPDF unavailable
35Response control of multi-legged articulated towers using tuned mass dampers Experimental and analytical studies on MLATPDF unavailable
36Development of Tension Leg Platforms and geometric optimizationPDF unavailable
37Dynamic analyses of TLPsPDF unavailable
38Development of Mass, stiffness and damping matrices of TLP from first principlesPDF unavailable
39Estimate of classical dampingPDF unavailable
40TLPs under seismic excitationPDF unavailable
41Direct Integration methodPDF unavailable
42Development of new generation offshore structuresPDF unavailable
43Introduction to stochastic dynamics of ocean structuresPDF unavailable
44Response spectrumPDF unavailable
45Narrow band processPDF unavailable
46Return period, Fatigue predictionPDF unavailable
47Modal response method, Modal mass contributionPDF unavailable
48Missing mass correction, Example problemsPDF unavailable
49Duhamel's integralsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available