Sl.No Chapter Name English
1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Physical Oceanography - IPDF unavailable
3Physical Oceanography - IIPDF unavailable
4Physical Oceanography - IIIPDF unavailable
5Physical Oceanography - IVPDF unavailable
6Sediments & Open OceanPDF unavailable
7Open Ocean - IPDF unavailable
8Open Ocean - IIPDF unavailable
9Physical Properties of WaterPDF unavailable
10Water and WavesPDF unavailable
11Waves - IPDF unavailable
12Waves - IIPDF unavailable
13Waves - IIIPDF unavailable
14Introduction to Offshore Structures - IPDF unavailable
15Introduction to Offshore Structures -IIPDF unavailable
16Waves - IVPDF unavailable
17The Wave SpectraPDF unavailable
18The Wave Spectra (Contd...1)PDF unavailable
19The Wave Spectra (Contd...2)PDF unavailable
20Offshore Structures - IPDF unavailable
21Offshore Structures - IIPDF unavailable
22Offshore Structures - IIIPDF unavailable
23Floating Offshore StructuresPDF unavailable
24Drilling from PlatformsPDF unavailable
25Drilling and TopsidesPDF unavailable
26TopsidesPDF unavailable
27Mooring SystemsPDF unavailable
28Mooring Systems (Contd...1)PDF unavailable
29Static Analysis of Mooring CablePDF unavailable
30Static Analysis of Mooring Cable (Contd.)PDF unavailable
31Mooring Systems (Contd...2)PDF unavailable
32Mooring Systems (Contd...3)PDF unavailable
33Mooring Systems (Contd...4)PDF unavailable
34Mooring Systems (Contd...5)PDF unavailable
35Mooring Systems (Contd...6)PDF unavailable
36Fixed Offshore StructuresPDF unavailable
37Fixed Offshore Structures (Contd.)PDF unavailable
38Structural Analysis of Jacket PlatformsPDF unavailable
39Structural Analysis of Jacket Platforms (Contd...1)PDF unavailable
40Structural Analysis of Jacket Platforms (Contd...2)PDF unavailable
41Jacket Pile SelectionPDF unavailable
42Jacket Pile Selection (Contd...1)PDF unavailable
43Jacket Pile Selection (Contd...2)PDF unavailable
44Floating Platform DesignPDF unavailable
45Semi-SubmersiblesPDF unavailable
46Semi-Submersibles & TLPsPDF unavailable
47Tension Leg PlatformPDF unavailable
48Tension Leg Platform (Contd.)PDF unavailable
49SPAR PlatformPDF unavailable

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