Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Lecture-01 Introduction, Basic definition of corrosion PDF unavailable
2Lecture-02 Forms of Degradation, Thermodynamics of corrosionPDF unavailable
3Lecture-03 Thermodynamics of corrosionPDF unavailable
4Lecture-04 Thermodynamics of corrosionPDF unavailable
5Lecture-05 Thermodynamics of corrosion, Electrochemical series, Concentration cellPDF unavailable
6Lecture-06 Reduction Potential series, Pourbaix diagramPDF unavailable
7Lecture-07 Pourbaix diagramPDF unavailable
8Lecture-08 Pourbaix diagramPDF unavailable
9Lecture-09 Pourbaix diagram, Kinetics of corrosionPDF unavailable
10Lecture-10 Kinetics of corrosion, Rate expression, Solved problemsPDF unavailable
11Lecture-11 Solved problems on the corrosion rate, Exchange current densityPDF unavailable
12Lecture-12 Exchange current density, Polarization, Activation Polarization, Tafel EquationPDF unavailable
13Lecture-13 Activation Polarization, Concentration PolarizationPDF unavailable
14Lecture-14 Concentration Polarization, Mixed Potential TheoryPDF unavailable
15Lecture-15 Mixed Potential Theory, Explanation of corrosion events on the basis of Mixed potential theory, GalvanizationPDF unavailable
16Lecture-16 Explanation of corrosion events on the basis of Mixed potential theory, Effect of impurity, Effect of area factorPDF unavailable
17Lecture-17 Explanation of corrosion events on the basis of Mixed potential theory, Effect of area factor, Concentration polarization, PassivationPDF unavailable
18Lecture-18 Passivation and Mixed potential theoryPDF unavailable
19Lecture-19 Passivation and Mixed potential theoryPDF unavailable
20Lecture-20 Different corrosion protection mechanisms, electrochemical ways of protection, cathodic protectionPDF unavailable
21Lecture-21 Cathodic and anodic protectionPDF unavailable
22Lecture-22 Anodic protection, Forms of corrosion, Factors of corrosionPDF unavailable
23Lecture-23 Forms of corrosion, Uniform Corrosion, Galvanic corrosionPDF unavailable
24Lecture-24 Galvanic corrosionPDF unavailable
25Lecture-25 Crevice corrosionPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26 Crevice corrosion, Pitting corrosionPDF unavailable
27Lecture-27 Pitting corrosion, Intergranular corrosionPDF unavailable
28Lecture-28 Intergranular corrosion, DealloyingPDF unavailable
29Lecture-29 Dealloying, Erosion corrosionPDF unavailable
30Lecture-30 Erosion corrosion, CavitationPDF unavailable
31Lecture-31 Cavitation, Fretting corrosion, corrosion crackingPDF unavailable
32Lecture-32 Stress corrosion cracking: mechanisms(dissolution controlled)PDF unavailable
33Lecture-33 Stress corrosion cracking: mechanisms(cleavage controlled), factors affecting SCC, hydrogen embrittlement, corrosion fatiguePDF unavailable
34Lecture-34 Biologically influenced corrosion, liquid metal attackPDF unavailable
35Lecture-35 Corrosion protection, change of materials, effect of design of componentPDF unavailable
36Lecture-36 Corrosion protection, change of environment, Inhibitors, coatingsPDF unavailable
37Lecture-37 Oxidation and hot corrosion, pitting Bedworth ratio, thermodynamics of oxidationPDF unavailable
38Lecture-38 Thermodynamics of oxidation, Ellingham diagram, oxidation kinetics and lawsPDF unavailable
39Lecture-39 Oxide structure and Oxidation PDF unavailable
40Lecture-40 Hot corrosion, corrosion testing and failure analysis, linear polarizationPDF unavailable
41Lecture-41 Degradation of composites, polymers and ceramics, corrosion and societyPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available