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Introduction to BiomaterialsIntroduction to Biomaterials-referencesIntroduction to Biomaterials-references341

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1Lecture-01-Introduction to basic concepts of Biomaterials Science; Salient properties of important material classes; overview of body environment, PDF unavailable
2Lecture-02-Manufacturing and properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and compositesPDF unavailable
3Lecture-03-Concept of biocompatibility, host response, structure-property of biological cellPDF unavailable
4Lecture-04-Structure and properties of cells, protein and cellular adaptation processPDF unavailable
5Lecture-05-Cell IPDF unavailable
6Lecture-06-Cell IIPDF unavailable
7Lecture-07-Cell Migration and Cell Division and cell deathPDF unavailable
8Lecture-08-Cell Differentiation and Cell DeathPDF unavailable
9Lecture-09-Cell Apoptosis- IPDF unavailable
10Lecture-10-Cell Apoptosis- IIPDF unavailable
11Lecture-11-Structure and properties of Protein; cell - material interactionPDF unavailable
12Lecture-12-Assessment of biocompatibility of biomaterialsPDF unavailable
13Lecture-13-Biological testing (hemocompatibility, tribological testing)PDF unavailable
14Lecture-14-Structure and properties of bone as well as in vivo testing and histocompatibility assessment. PDF unavailable
15Lecture-15-Important biometallic alloysPDF unavailable
16Lecture-16-Ti AlloyPDF unavailable
17Lecture-17-Co-Cr-Mo alloysPDF unavailable
18Lecture-18-BioceramicsPDF unavailable
19Lecture-19-Processing of BioceramicsPDF unavailable
20Lecture-20-Ceramics, Bioceramics and GlassesPDF unavailable
21Lecture-21-Sintering and mechanical properties of ceramics.PDF unavailable
22Lecture-22-Fracture and toughening of ceramic compositesPDF unavailable
23Lecture-23-Development of based bioceramic composites for hard tissue replacement PDF unavailable
24Lecture-24-Alternative phosphate materials, based composites with bactericidal property and glass ceramics for dental restoration PDF unavailable
25Lecture-25-Electrostatic Spraying of UHMWPE-HA-CNT compositesPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26-Thin Films and CoatingsPDF unavailable
27Lecture-27-hermal Spray CoatingsPDF unavailable
28Lecture-28-Biocompatibility of plasma sprayed CNT reinforced Hydroxyapatite biocomposite coatingsPDF unavailable
29Lecture-29-Biocompatibility of Alumina and CNT reinforced HydroxyapatitePDF unavailable
30Lecture-30-Glass-ceramics for dental restoration applicationsPDF unavailable
31Lecture-31-Structure and properties of polymersPDF unavailable
32Lecture-32-Biodegradable polymers (Importance)PDF unavailable
33Lecture-33-Biodegradable polymers (Types)PDF unavailable
34Lecture-34-Mechanisms of BioerosionPDF unavailable
35Lecture-35-External field and material interaction PDF unavailable
36Lecture-36-Tissue Engineering and wound healingPDF unavailable
37Lecture-37-Understanding Design Concepts of Bio-implantsPDF unavailable
38Lecture-38-Understanding Design Concepts of Dental-implantsPDF unavailable
39Lecture-39-Understanding Design Concepts of Orthopedic-implantPDF unavailable

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