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2Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-01Download
3Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-02Download
4Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-03Download
5Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-04Download
6Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-05Download
7Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part0-06Download
8Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-01Download
9Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-02Download
10Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-03Download
11Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-04Download
12Hydro Turbomachines - Francis turbine-Part-01Download
13Hydro Turbomachines - Francis turbine-Part-02Download
14Hydro Turbomachines - Kaplan turbineDownload
15Hydro Turbomachines - Pelton turbineDownload
16Positive Displacement Pumps - Gear pumpDownload
17Thermal Turbomachines - IntroductionDownload
18Thermal Turbomachines - Gas turbinesDownload
19Thermal Turbomachines - Steam TurbinesDownload
20Thermal Turbomachines-Part-01Download
21Thermal Turbomachines-Part-02Download

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1IntroductionPDF unavailable
2Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-01PDF unavailable
3Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-02PDF unavailable
4Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-03PDF unavailable
5Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-04PDF unavailable
6Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part-05PDF unavailable
7Basic Theroy of Turbomachines-Part0-06PDF unavailable
8Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-01PDF unavailable
9Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-02PDF unavailable
10Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-03PDF unavailable
11Hydro Turbomachines - Centrifugal pumps-Part-04PDF unavailable
12Hydro Turbomachines - Francis turbine-Part-01PDF unavailable
13Hydro Turbomachines - Francis turbine-Part-02PDF unavailable
14Hydro Turbomachines - Kaplan turbinePDF unavailable
15Hydro Turbomachines - Pelton turbinePDF unavailable
16Positive Displacement Pumps - Gear pumpPDF unavailable
17Thermal Turbomachines - IntroductionPDF unavailable
18Thermal Turbomachines - Gas turbinesPDF unavailable
19Thermal Turbomachines - Steam TurbinesPDF unavailable
20Thermal Turbomachines-Part-01PDF unavailable
21Thermal Turbomachines-Part-02PDF unavailable

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