Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Concept of Steel QualityPDF unavailable
2Typical Examples of Surface DefectsPDF unavailable
3Origin of Common Quality ProblemsPDF unavailable
4Present Scenario on Quality DemandsPDF unavailable
5Control of Residuals and Impact on QualityPDF unavailable
6Non-Metallic InclusionsPDF unavailable
7Evaluation of Residuals and InclusionsPDF unavailable
8Cleanliness Requirements for Different applicationsPDF unavailable
9Limitation of Primary Steelmaking & Importance of secondary RefiningPDF unavailable
10DeoxidationPDF unavailable
11Prevention of Slag carryoverPDF unavailable
12DesulphurisationPDF unavailable
13DegassingPDF unavailable
14Secondary Refining ProcessesPDF unavailable
15Injection of CalciumPDF unavailable
16DecarburisationPDF unavailable
17Cleanliness Measures in Ladle and TundishPDF unavailable
18Cleanliness Measures in MouldPDF unavailable
19Different Routes and Temperature ControlPDF unavailable
20Nature and Distribution of Entrapments in CastingPDF unavailable
21Sources of Exogenous EntrapmentsPDF unavailable
22Effect of Vertical vis-a-vis Curved MouldPDF unavailable
23Quality of Cast ProductPDF unavailable
24Role of Concast Process, Caster Design and Steel GradePDF unavailable
25Primary Cooling in Caster MouldPDF unavailable
26Heat Transfer in MouldPDF unavailable
27Cast Structure and Dendrite SizePDF unavailable
28Role of Mould OscillationPDF unavailable
29Role of Chemistry : Part IPDF unavailable
30Role of Chemistry : Part IIPDF unavailable
31Role of Segregation : Part IPDF unavailable
32Role of Segregation : Part IIPDF unavailable
33Deleterious Effect of PhosphorusPDF unavailable
34Strength of Solidifying StrandPDF unavailable
35Brittle Zone Near SolidusPDF unavailable
36Strength and Toughness of Solid ShellPDF unavailable
37Role of Chemistry on Solidification BehaviourPDF unavailable
38Sticking vis-a-vis Depression BehaviourPDF unavailable
39Role of Chemistry on Bulging or Depression Tendency : Part IPDF unavailable
40Role of Chemistry on Bulging or Depression Tendency : Part IIPDF unavailable
41Effect of Cast Grain SizePDF unavailable
42Brittle Temperature RegionsPDF unavailable
43Role of Secondary Cooling - Part 1PDF unavailable
44Role of Secondary Cooling - Part 2PDF unavailable
45Typical Cracks and Defects : Part IPDF unavailable
46Typical Cracks and Defects : Part IIPDF unavailable
47Remedial Measures to Control Defects : Part IPDF unavailable
48Remedial Measures to Control Defects : Part IIPDF unavailable
49Remedial Measures to Control Defects : Part IIIPDF unavailable
50Grade - Specific Casting Parameters : Part IPDF unavailable
51Grade - Specific Casting Parameters : Part IIPDF unavailable
52Identification of Genesis of Quality Problems Through Metallographic Investigation : Part IPDF unavailable
53Identification of Genesis of Quality Problems Through Metallographic Investigation : Part IIPDF unavailable
54Identification of Genesis of Quality Problems Through Metallographic Investigation : Part IIIPDF unavailable
55Some Examples of Quality ProblemsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available