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What is Hydraulic and Pneumatic SystemSelf EvaluationPlease see all questions attached with the last module37

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1What is Hydraulic and Pneumatic SystemPDF unavailable
2Basic Components, Symbols and CircuitsPDF unavailable
3Incompressible Fluids - Some Fundamental PropertiesPDF unavailable
4Incompressible Fluid Flow related to Fluid DrivePDF unavailable
5Capillary Fluid (incompressible) Flow and Hydrodynamic LubricationPDF unavailable
6Basis for Calculating Hydraulic SystemsPDF unavailable
7Different types of Valves - Features and Operations - IPDF unavailable
8Hydraulic Valves (General) Different types of Valves - Features and Operations - IIPDF unavailable
9Hydraulic Circuits and ValvesPDF unavailable
10Hydraulic Servomechanism and Servo and Proportional Control ValvesPDF unavailable
11Basic Spool Valve Design AnalysisPDF unavailable
12General Control Valve AnalysisPDF unavailable
13Critical Centre Spool Valve AnalysisPDF unavailable
14Critical Centre Spool Valve Analysis - Stroking ForcesPDF unavailable
15Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated Two Stage Pressure Relief ValvePDF unavailable
16Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated Two Stage Pressure Relief Valve (Contd.)PDF unavailable
17Introduction to Positive Displacement Hydrostatic Units (Hydraulic Pumps and Motors)PDF unavailable
18Basic features of some Hydraulic Pumps and MotorsPDF unavailable
19Analysis of an axial - Piston Swash Plate type Hydrostatic Pump (Discharge Flow Characteristics)PDF unavailable
20Analysis of an axial - Piston Swash Plate type Hydrostatic Pump (Estimation of Torque on Drive Shaft and Swash Plate)PDF unavailable
21Analysis of an Axial - Piston Swash Plate type Hydrostatic unit (Pressure Ripple and Swash Plate Torque)PDF unavailable
22Design Analysis of Gear Pumps - IPDF unavailable
23Design Analysis of Gear Pumps - IIPDF unavailable
24Basic Concept of Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) SystemPDF unavailable
25Selection of HST units and componentsPDF unavailable
26Regenerative CircuitsPDF unavailable
27Introduction to Fluid LogicPDF unavailable
28Basic Devices, Symbols and CircuitsPDF unavailable
29Logic CircuitsPDF unavailable
30Design Analysis of ORBIT Motor - I : Basic Design and FeaturePDF unavailable
31Design Analysis of ORBIT Motor - II : Geometric Volume DisplacementPDF unavailable
32Design Analysis of ORBIT Motor - III : Output torque and stress, Deformation, Gap at ContactsPDF unavailable
33Application and Selection of Accumulators - Part IPDF unavailable
34Application and Selection of Accumulators - Part IIPDF unavailable
35Hydraulic Circuits in Industrial ApplicationsPDF unavailable
36Air preparation - Compressor and AccessoriesPDF unavailable
37Pneumatic CircuitsPDF unavailable
38Analysis of Three - Way (Spool and Flapper Nozzle Valve)PDF unavailable
39Analysis of Flapper Nozzle ValvesPDF unavailable
40Flow Force Compensation and Spool Design (Electro - hydraulic valves)PDF unavailable
41Premier and Guide to Oil - hydraulic fluids ; and Introduction to Fluid Power SymbolsPDF unavailable
42Symbols in Oil HydraulicsPDF unavailable
43AppendicesTutorial on Basic Calculation on HST System and Hydraulic FluidsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
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4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available