Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Flow of the Course: A not-so-sneak peekDownload
2Fuzzy Sets - The NecessityDownload
3Fuzzy Sets - RepresentationsDownload
4Fuzziness vs ProbabilityDownload
5Fuzzy Sets - Some Important NotionsDownload
6Operations on Fuzzy SetsDownload
7Posets on Fuzzy SetsDownload
8Lattice of Fuzzy SetsDownload
9Boolean Algebra of SetsDownload
10Algebras on Fuzzy SetsDownload
11Triangular NormsDownload
12Triangular Norms: Analytical AspectsDownload
13Triangular Norms: Algebraic AspectsDownload
14T-Norms: Construction and RepresentationsDownload
15T-Norms:Complementation and DualityDownload
16Fuzzy ImplicationsDownload
17Fuzzy Implications - Desirable PropertiesDownload
18Construction of Fuzzy Implication - lDownload
19Construction of Fuzzy Implication - llDownload
20Construction of Fuzzy Implication - lllDownload
21Construction of Fuzzy Implications - IVDownload
22(N, T, I)- An Organic RelationshipDownload
23Fuzzy RelationsDownload
24Composition of Fuzzy RelationsDownload
25Similarity & Compatibility ClassesDownload
26On the Transitivity of Fuzzy Relations - IDownload
27On the Transitivity of Fuzzy Relations - IIDownload
28Fuzzy Propositions: Some InterpretationsDownload
29Fuzzy If-Then RulesDownload
30Fuzzy Relational InferenceDownload
31Fuzzy Relational Inference - MISO CaseDownload
32Fuzzy Relational Inference - Multiple RulesDownload
33Fuzzy Inferencing Schemes - A Visual IllustrationDownload
34Similarity Based ReasoningDownload
35SBR : Mamdani Fuzzy SystemsDownload
36Introduction to Building a Mamdani FISDownload
37Contrast Enhancement in Images: An FIS ApproachDownload
38Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy SystemsDownload
39Fuzzy Inference Systems- InterpolativityDownload
40Interpolativity of FRI - Single SISO RuleDownload
41Fuzzy Relational EquationsDownload
42Interpolativity of FRI - Multiple SISO RulesDownload
43Similarity Based Reasoning- InterpolativityDownload
44FRI ~ SBR : FITA ~ FATI :Some ConnectionsDownload
45Continuous Models of FRIDownload
46Continuous Models of CRI and BKSDownload
47Continuous Models of SBRDownload
48Extensionality of a Fuzzy SetDownload
49Robustness of CRIDownload
50Robustness of BKSDownload
51Robustness of SBRDownload
52Monotonicity of an FISDownload
53Monotonicity of an FRIDownload
54Monotonicity of an SBRDownload
55Functional (In)Equalities involving FLCsDownload
57Law of Importation and Hierarchical CRIDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Flow of the Course: A not-so-sneak peekPDF unavailable
2Fuzzy Sets - The NecessityPDF unavailable
3Fuzzy Sets - RepresentationsPDF unavailable
4Fuzziness vs ProbabilityPDF unavailable
5Fuzzy Sets - Some Important NotionsPDF unavailable
6Operations on Fuzzy SetsPDF unavailable
7Posets on Fuzzy SetsPDF unavailable
8Lattice of Fuzzy SetsPDF unavailable
9Boolean Algebra of SetsPDF unavailable
10Algebras on Fuzzy SetsPDF unavailable
11Triangular NormsPDF unavailable
12Triangular Norms: Analytical AspectsPDF unavailable
13Triangular Norms: Algebraic AspectsPDF unavailable
14T-Norms: Construction and RepresentationsPDF unavailable
15T-Norms:Complementation and DualityPDF unavailable
16Fuzzy ImplicationsPDF unavailable
17Fuzzy Implications - Desirable PropertiesPDF unavailable
18Construction of Fuzzy Implication - lPDF unavailable
19Construction of Fuzzy Implication - llPDF unavailable
20Construction of Fuzzy Implication - lllPDF unavailable
21Construction of Fuzzy Implications - IVPDF unavailable
22(N, T, I)- An Organic RelationshipPDF unavailable
23Fuzzy RelationsPDF unavailable
24Composition of Fuzzy RelationsPDF unavailable
25Similarity & Compatibility ClassesPDF unavailable
26On the Transitivity of Fuzzy Relations - IPDF unavailable
27On the Transitivity of Fuzzy Relations - IIPDF unavailable
28Fuzzy Propositions: Some InterpretationsPDF unavailable
29Fuzzy If-Then RulesPDF unavailable
30Fuzzy Relational InferencePDF unavailable
31Fuzzy Relational Inference - MISO CasePDF unavailable
32Fuzzy Relational Inference - Multiple RulesPDF unavailable
33Fuzzy Inferencing Schemes - A Visual IllustrationPDF unavailable
34Similarity Based ReasoningPDF unavailable
35SBR : Mamdani Fuzzy SystemsPDF unavailable
36Introduction to Building a Mamdani FISPDF unavailable
37Contrast Enhancement in Images: An FIS ApproachPDF unavailable
38Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy SystemsPDF unavailable
39Fuzzy Inference Systems- InterpolativityPDF unavailable
40Interpolativity of FRI - Single SISO RulePDF unavailable
41Fuzzy Relational EquationsPDF unavailable
42Interpolativity of FRI - Multiple SISO RulesPDF unavailable
43Similarity Based Reasoning- InterpolativityPDF unavailable
44FRI ~ SBR : FITA ~ FATI :Some ConnectionsPDF unavailable
45Continuous Models of FRIPDF unavailable
46Continuous Models of CRI and BKSPDF unavailable
47Continuous Models of SBRPDF unavailable
48Extensionality of a Fuzzy SetPDF unavailable
49Robustness of CRIPDF unavailable
50Robustness of BKSPDF unavailable
51Robustness of SBRPDF unavailable
52Monotonicity of an FISPDF unavailable
53Monotonicity of an FRIPDF unavailable
54Monotonicity of an SBRPDF unavailable
55Functional (In)Equalities involving FLCsPDF unavailable
56PDF unavailable
57Law of Importation and Hierarchical CRIPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available