Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1External analysisDownload
2Industry evolutionDownload
3Five forces modelDownload
4Generic competitive strategiesDownload
5Position analysesDownload
6Competitive DynamicsDownload
7Business Portfolio AnalysisDownload
8Global StrategyDownload
9Creative StrategyDownload
10Balanced ScorecardDownload
11Execution overviewDownload
12Structure as enablerDownload
14Execution case studyDownload
15Strategic managementDownload
16Competitive strategy overviewDownload
17Economic forcesDownload
18Liquidity as the sixth forceDownload
19The six forces modelDownload
20Strategic groupsDownload
21Buyer powerDownload
22Supplier powerDownload
23Competitive movesDownload
24Market signalingDownload
25Competitor clusters and analysisDownload
26Generic strategiesDownload
27Structural analysis and competitive strategyDownload
28Quality, Cost and valueDownload
29Differentiation and De-commoditizationDownload
30Niche as a core competenceDownload
31Generic industry environmentsDownload
32Integration, Expansion, and DiversificationDownload
33Comparators and respondersDownload
34Strategic balanceDownload
35Technology and collaborationDownload
36Technology strategyDownload
37Competition in technology prismDownload
38Technological competenceDownload
39Generic technology strategiesDownload
40Innovation and generic strategiesDownload
41Technology and DifferentiationDownload
42Technology and FollowershipDownload
43Technology in five forces prismDownload
44Technology and PatentingDownload
45Technology and ChangeDownload
46Customised product designDownload
47Technology and functionalityDownload
48Technological behaviourDownload
49Technology and public policyDownload
50Technology and transformationDownload
51Strategic shiftsDownload
52Business modelsDownload
53Retro - FuturismDownload
54Innovation strategy and processDownload
55High technology business companiesDownload
56Renewables and electric vehiclesDownload
57Dyson and 3MDownload
58GE and DuPontDownload
59NVIDIA and BoseDownload
60Fitbit and appleDownload
61In closingDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1External analysisPDF unavailable
2Industry evolutionPDF unavailable
3Five forces modelPDF unavailable
4Generic competitive strategiesPDF unavailable
5Position analysesPDF unavailable
6Competitive DynamicsPDF unavailable
7Business Portfolio AnalysisPDF unavailable
8Global StrategyPDF unavailable
9Creative StrategyPDF unavailable
10Balanced ScorecardPDF unavailable
11Execution overviewPDF unavailable
12Structure as enablerPDF unavailable
13ExecutionPDF unavailable
14Execution case studyPDF unavailable
15Strategic managementPDF unavailable
16Competitive strategy overviewPDF unavailable
17Economic forcesPDF unavailable
18Liquidity as the sixth forcePDF unavailable
19The six forces modelPDF unavailable
20Strategic groupsPDF unavailable
21Buyer powerPDF unavailable
22Supplier powerPDF unavailable
23Competitive movesPDF unavailable
24Market signalingPDF unavailable
25Competitor clusters and analysisPDF unavailable
26Generic strategiesPDF unavailable
27Structural analysis and competitive strategyPDF unavailable
28Quality, Cost and valuePDF unavailable
29Differentiation and De-commoditizationPDF unavailable
30Niche as a core competencePDF unavailable
31Generic industry environmentsPDF unavailable
32Integration, Expansion, and DiversificationPDF unavailable
33Comparators and respondersPDF unavailable
34Strategic balancePDF unavailable
35Technology and collaborationPDF unavailable
36Technology strategyPDF unavailable
37Competition in technology prismPDF unavailable
38Technological competencePDF unavailable
39Generic technology strategiesPDF unavailable
40Innovation and generic strategiesPDF unavailable
41Technology and DifferentiationPDF unavailable
42Technology and FollowershipPDF unavailable
43Technology in five forces prismPDF unavailable
44Technology and PatentingPDF unavailable
45Technology and ChangePDF unavailable
46Customised product designPDF unavailable
47Technology and functionalityPDF unavailable
48Technological behaviourPDF unavailable
49Technology and public policyPDF unavailable
50Technology and transformationPDF unavailable
51Strategic shiftsPDF unavailable
52Business modelsPDF unavailable
53Retro - FuturismPDF unavailable
54Innovation strategy and processPDF unavailable
55High technology business companiesPDF unavailable
56Renewables and electric vehiclesPDF unavailable
57Dyson and 3MPDF unavailable
58GE and DuPontPDF unavailable
59NVIDIA and BosePDF unavailable
60Fitbit and applePDF unavailable
61In closingPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available