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1Lecture 01 : Problem Statement and Research QuestionsPDF unavailable
2Lecture 02: Data, Measurement and ScalingPDF unavailable
3Lecture 03 : Understanding Healthcare Database : NSSOPDF unavailable
4Lecture 04: Understanding Healthcare Database: NFHSPDF unavailable
5Lecture 05: Understanding Healthcare Database: LASIPDF unavailable
6Lecture 06: Understanding Sampling Base and DesignPDF unavailable
7Lecture 07: Preparing Schedule and QuestionnairePDF unavailable
8Lecture 08: Sample Size Determination - Observational StudyPDF unavailable
9Lecture 09 : Sample Size Determination and Probability Proportional to Size SamplingDownload
10Lecture 10: Focus Group Discussion (FGD)PDF unavailable
11Lecture 11: Pre-testing of SamplePDF unavailable
12Lecture 12 : Weights and Representative SamplingPDF unavailable
13Lecture 13 : Normalizing DataPDF unavailable
14Lecture 14: Deal with Missing ValuesPDF unavailable
15Lecture 15 : Validity, Reliability, Accuracy and Precision of SamplePDF unavailable
16Lecture 16 : Basic Understanding of STATAPDF unavailable
17Lecture 17: Syntax and Do FilePDF unavailable
18Lecture 18 : Making Dictionary FilePDF unavailable
19Lecture 19 : Data Browse and Basic Statistic - IPDF unavailable
20Lecture 20: Data Browse and Basic Statistics -IIPDF unavailable
21Lecture 21:Basic Understanding of SPSS and Data Filtration in STATAPDF unavailable
22Lecture 22: Data Extraction from ASCII FormatPDF unavailable
23Lecture 23: Merging Blocks of Information after ExtractionPDF unavailable
24Lecture 24: Composite IndexPDF unavailable
25Lecture 25: Measure of Variation- r2, R2, Adjusted R2, Pseudo R2PDF unavailable
26Lecture 26: Regression Models of Quantitative Healthcare VariablesPDF unavailable
27Lecture 27: Regression Models of Qualitative Dependent VariablesPDF unavailable
28Lecture 28: Relative Risk Ratio EstimationPDF unavailable
29Lecture 29: Generalized Linear ModelPDF unavailable
30Lecture 30: Independence of Irrelevant ALternativesPDF unavailable
31Lecture 31: Balanced and Unbalanced Panel in HealthcarePDF unavailable
32Lecture 32: Common Constant Model in HealthcarePDF unavailable
33Lecture 33: Fixed Effect Model in HealthcarePDF unavailable
34Lecture 34: Random Effect Model in HealthcarePDF unavailable
35Lecture 35: Construction of Pseudo PanelPDF unavailable
36Lecture 36: Need for EvaluationPDF unavailable
37Lecture 37: Propensity Score Matching (PSM)PDF unavailable
38Lecture 38: Difference-in-Difference Method (DID)PDF unavailable
39Lecture 39: Randomized Control Trial (RCT)PDF unavailable
40Lecture 40: Regression Discontinuity MethodPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available