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1Sounds & Writing Symbols in EngishDownload
2Speech Sounds in EnglishDownload
3Consonants and Consonant Clusters in EnglishDownload
4Syllables and WordsDownload
5Some Features of English WordsDownload
6Plural Words in EnglishDownload
7Parts of speech - 1Download
8Parts of Speech - 2Download
9Parts of Speech 3Download
10Parts of Speech 4Download
12Words and Phrases in EnglishDownload
13Sentences in EnglishDownload
14Direct and Indirect ObjectsDownload
15Verb-be (is, are, am) in EnglishDownload
16Imperative sentences in English (command or request)Download
17Questions in English (Interogative sentences)Download
18Negative Sentences in EnglishDownload
19Agreement in English SentencesDownload
20Participles in EnglishDownload
21Relative Clauses in EnglishDownload
22Functions of ModalsDownload
23Passives in EnglishDownload
24Mood and Modal VerbsDownload
26Modals Verbs: Can or CouldDownload
27Modals Verbs: Could vs WouldDownload
28Modals Verbs/Auxiliary: Must; Shall and ShouldDownload
29Telephone EnglishDownload
30Illustrating Clauses and SentencesDownload
31Describing Clauses and SentencesDownload
32Sentence, Clause and Complex SentencesDownload
33Adjectival (Relative) ClauseDownload
35Agreement in English Sentences (Subject and Verb in Sentences)Download
36Question Tags in English SentencesDownload
37Questions in English (Interogative sentences)Download
38Learning Softening (Knowing vs Using)Download
39Rhythm and Pitch in EnglishDownload
40Punctuation - Pauses - 1Download
41Punctuation - Pauses - 2Download
42Advanced VocabularyDownload
43Innovation in VocabularyDownload
45Phrases & Idioms You Must KnowDownload
46Make your expressions impreesiveDownload
47Fundamentals of Learning English for Accuracy, Fluency and Communicative ConfidenceDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Sounds & Writing Symbols in EngishPDF unavailable
2Speech Sounds in EnglishPDF unavailable
3Consonants and Consonant Clusters in EnglishPDF unavailable
4Syllables and WordsPDF unavailable
5Some Features of English WordsPDF unavailable
6Plural Words in EnglishPDF unavailable
7Parts of speech - 1PDF unavailable
8Parts of Speech - 2PDF unavailable
9Parts of Speech 3PDF unavailable
10Parts of Speech 4PDF unavailable
11ArticlesPDF unavailable
12Words and Phrases in EnglishPDF unavailable
13Sentences in EnglishPDF unavailable
14Direct and Indirect ObjectsPDF unavailable
15Verb-be (is, are, am) in EnglishPDF unavailable
16Imperative sentences in English (command or request)PDF unavailable
17Questions in English (Interogative sentences)PDF unavailable
18Negative Sentences in EnglishPDF unavailable
19Agreement in English SentencesPDF unavailable
20Participles in EnglishPDF unavailable
21Relative Clauses in EnglishPDF unavailable
22Functions of ModalsPDF unavailable
23Passives in EnglishPDF unavailable
24Mood and Modal VerbsPDF unavailable
25Will/WouldPDF unavailable
26Modals Verbs: Can or CouldPDF unavailable
27Modals Verbs: Could vs WouldPDF unavailable
28Modals Verbs/Auxiliary: Must; Shall and ShouldPDF unavailable
29Telephone EnglishPDF unavailable
30Illustrating Clauses and SentencesPDF unavailable
31Describing Clauses and SentencesPDF unavailable
32Sentence, Clause and Complex SentencesPDF unavailable
33Adjectival (Relative) ClausePDF unavailable
34AdverbsPDF unavailable
35Agreement in English Sentences (Subject and Verb in Sentences)PDF unavailable
36Question Tags in English SentencesPDF unavailable
37Questions in English (Interogative sentences)PDF unavailable
38Learning Softening (Knowing vs Using)PDF unavailable
39Rhythm and Pitch in EnglishPDF unavailable
40Punctuation - Pauses - 1PDF unavailable
41Punctuation - Pauses - 2PDF unavailable
42Advanced VocabularyPDF unavailable
43Innovation in VocabularyPDF unavailable
44MetaphorsPDF unavailable
45Phrases & Idioms You Must KnowPDF unavailable
46Make your expressions impreesivePDF unavailable
47Fundamentals of Learning English for Accuracy, Fluency and Communicative ConfidencePDF unavailable

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