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1Hindustani Music - A World of Colour, Romance and HistoryDownload
2Classical or Shastriya - What's in a Name!Download
3Dhrupad, Khayal and Instrumental Music: A Bird's-eye ViewDownload
4Hindustani Music is Raga SangeetDownload
5The Textual TraditionDownload
6Swara and Shruti: Tone and MicrotoneDownload
7Swara and Shruti in the Textual TraditionDownload
8Tanpura - The King of OvertonesDownload
9Entering the World of Raga – Raga and SwaraDownload
10The World of Raga – 2: Strong and Weak NotesDownload
11The World of Raga - 3: OrnamentDownload
12The World of Raga - 4: Paths of a RagaDownload
13Raga and Time AssociationPDF unavailable
14Raga-Lakshana or Features of RagaPDF unavailable
15Defining RagaPDF unavailable
16Classification of Ragas - The Mela or Thaat SystemPDF unavailable
17Classification of Ragas - The Raagaanga SystemPDF unavailable
18Classification of Ragas - Raga Ragini SystemPDF unavailable
19Extending the Raga Corpus - Winds from the SouthPDF unavailable
20Extending the Raga Corpus - Jod RagasPDF unavailable
21Principles of Time in Hindustani Music - Tala and LayaPDF unavailable
22Some Aspects of Tala and a Few Important TalasPDF unavailable
23Tabla as Keeper of Tala in KhayalPDF unavailable
24Khayal, A Compositional Form - 1PDF unavailable
25Khayal, A Compositional Form - 2PDF unavailable
26Khayal Compositions by Contemporary ComposersPDF unavailable
27The Vilambit KhayalPDF unavailable
28Tarana and TrivatPDF unavailable
29Raga Vistaar or Badhat - Improvisation in KhayalPDF unavailable
30Ashtaanga of Khayal - The Many Limbs of a Khayal PresentationPDF unavailable
31A Typical Khayal ConcertPDF unavailable
32Gharanas - Schools/Styles of KhayalPDF unavailable
33Gharanas of Khayal - An IntroductionPDF unavailable
34Gharanas of Khayal - Early MastersPDF unavailable
35Gharanas of Khayal - Twentieth Century MastersPDF unavailable
36Gharana - Lecture Demonstration by Pt. Satyasheel DeshpandePDF unavailable
37Melodic Accompaniment in KhayalPDF unavailable
38The Harmonium as Accompaniment for Khayal-Guest LecturePDF unavailable
39Dhrupad and Khayal - Some Comparative RemarksPDF unavailable
40Dhrupad - An OverviewPDF unavailable
41Dhrupad - Style and StructurePDF unavailable
42Dhrupad - AalaapPDF unavailable
43Dhrupad - Song Texts in Different TalasPDF unavailable
44Dhamaar - A Compositional FormPDF unavailable
45Sadra - A Compositional FormPDF unavailable
46The Enchanting World of ThumriPDF unavailable
47Instrumental Music - A Brief OverviewPDF unavailable
48The Sitar - The Instrument, Technique and PresentationPDF unavailable
49The Sarod - A LecdemPDF unavailable
50Art of the Tabla - IntroductionPDF unavailable
51Bhakthande and Paluskar - The 20th Century Reformers of Hindustani MusicPDF unavailable
52Hindustani Music in a World of Millions of ViewsPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available