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Introduction to LogicQuizIntroduction to Logic Quiz116
Introduction to LogicExerciseswithAnswersExerciseswithAnswers96

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1Lecture-01-Identification of ArgumentsPDF unavailable
2Lecture-02-Non- argumentsPDF unavailable
3Lecture-03-Types of Arguments: Deductive vs InductivePDF unavailable
4Lecture-04-Nature and Scope of Deductive and Inductive ArgumentsPDF unavailable
5Lecture-05-Truth, Validity and SoundnessPDF unavailable
6Lecture-06-Strength of Inductive arguments, Counter example methodPDF unavailable
7Lecture-07-Toulmin’s Model of ArgumentationPDF unavailable
8Lecture-08-Identification of Formal and Informal FallaciesPDF unavailable
9Lecture-09-Informal Fallacies: Fallacies of relevancePDF unavailable
10Lecture-10-Fallacies of Weak Induction and Fallacies arising out of ambiguity in LanguagePDF unavailable
11Lecture-11-Introduction and motivation for Syllogistic LogicPDF unavailable
12Lecture-12-Aristotle theory of Syllogisms-1PDF unavailable
13Lecture-13-Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of SyllogismsPDF unavailable
14Lecture-14-Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of SyllogismsPDF unavailable
15Lecture-15-Nature and Scope of Propositional LogicPDF unavailable
16Lecture-16-Syntax of Propositional LogicPDF unavailable
17Lecture-17-Logical Connectives: Truth TablesPDF unavailable
18Lecture-18-Truth Table Method: Validity, Consistency, Logical EquivalencePDF unavailable
19Lecture-19-Semantic Tableaux Method for Propositional LogicPDF unavailable
20Lecture-20-Knights and Knaves PuzzlesPDF unavailable
21Lecture-21-Semantic Tableaux Method: Further ExamplesPDF unavailable
22Lecture-22-Natural Deduction MethodPDF unavailable
23Lecture-23-Natural Deduction: ExamplesPDF unavailable
24Lecture-24-Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal FormsPDF unavailable
25Lecture-25-CNF, DNF and satisfiability and ValidityPDF unavailable
26Lecture-26-Resolution and refutation methodPDF unavailable
27Lecture-27-Resolution and refutation method: ExamplesPDF unavailable
28Lecture-28-Axiomatic Propositional LogicPDF unavailable
29Lecture-29-Hlbert Ackermann Axiomatic systemPDF unavailable
30Lecture-30-Proofs in the PM systemPDF unavailable
31Lecture-31-Hilbert and Ackermann SystemPDF unavailable
32Lecture-32-Outlines of Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
33Lecture-33-Outlines of Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
34Lecture-34-Building blocks of Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
35Lecture 35: Quantifiers, freedom, bondagePDF unavailable
36Lecture-36-Translation in to predicate LogicPDF unavailable
37Lecture-37-Semantics of Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
38Lecture-38-Truth, satisfiability, validity in Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
39Lecture-39-Formation Trees for wff’s in predicate LogicPDF unavailable
40Lecture-40-Semantic Tableaux Method for Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
41Lecture-41-Semantic Tableaux method: Satisfiability, ValidityPDF unavailable
42Lecture-42-Natural Deduction in Predicate LogicPDF unavailable
43Lecture-43-Important theorems in First order LogicPDF unavailable
44Lecture-44-Limitations of first order logic and Introduction to the coursePDF unavailable

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