Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Getting started with NgSpiceDownload
2Refractoring the .cirDownload
4gschem and netlist generationDownload
5Setting up for simulation with OctaveDownload
6Getting started with equation based simulationDownload
7Resuming a simulation in OctaveDownload
8PV cell model - reviewDownload
9PV cell characteristic - reviewDownload
10PV cell - symbol and subcircuitDownload
11Rectifier-capacitor filter - operation reviewDownload
12Rectifier-capacitor filter - NgSpice simulationDownload
13Rectifier-capacitor filter with non-idealitiesDownload
143 phase Rectifier-capacitor filterDownload
15Equation based simulation in OctaveDownload
16Passive power factor improvement - reviewDownload
17Passive power factor circuit in NgSpiceDownload
18Buck converter - reviewDownload
19Buck converter - NgSpiceDownload
20Boost converter - reviewDownload
21Boost converter - NgSpiceDownload
22Buck-boost converter - reviewDownload
23Buck-boost converter - NgSpiceDownload
24Equation based simulation of convertersDownload
25Forward Converter - reviewDownload
26Forward Converter simulationDownload
27Understanding Core flux resetDownload
28Core flux reset - simulationDownload
29Flyback converter - reviewDownload
30Flyback converter - simulationDownload
31Pushpull converter - reviewDownload
32Pushpull converter - simulationDownload
33Half bridge converter - reviewDownload
34Half bridge converter - simulationDownload
35Full bridge converter - reviewDownload
36Full bridge converter - simulationDownload
37Close loop operationDownload
38Close loop with feed forward controlDownload
39NgSpice simulation of close loop controlDownload
40Battery charging with current controlDownload
41Slope compensation for current controlDownload
42NgSpice simulation of battery chargingDownload
43Single phase PWM for single phase inverterDownload
44NgSpice simulation of single phase PWMDownload
452-axes theory for 3-phase systemsDownload
46Transformations for 2 and 3 axes systemsDownload
47Maximum power point tracking - NgSpiceDownload
48Space vector PWM - digitalDownload
49Space vector PWM - analogDownload
50SVPWM analog - NgSpice simulationDownload
51Induction motor modelDownload
52Induction motor simulation in OctaveDownload
53V/F control of induction motor - NgSpiceDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Getting started with NgSpicePDF unavailable
2Refractoring the .cirPDF unavailable
3Sub-circuitsPDF unavailable
4gschem and netlist generationPDF unavailable
5Setting up for simulation with OctavePDF unavailable
6Getting started with equation based simulationPDF unavailable
7Resuming a simulation in OctavePDF unavailable
8PV cell model - reviewPDF unavailable
9PV cell characteristic - reviewPDF unavailable
10PV cell - symbol and subcircuitPDF unavailable
11Rectifier-capacitor filter - operation reviewPDF unavailable
12Rectifier-capacitor filter - NgSpice simulationPDF unavailable
13Rectifier-capacitor filter with non-idealitiesPDF unavailable
143 phase Rectifier-capacitor filterPDF unavailable
15Equation based simulation in OctavePDF unavailable
16Passive power factor improvement - reviewPDF unavailable
17Passive power factor circuit in NgSpicePDF unavailable
18Buck converter - reviewPDF unavailable
19Buck converter - NgSpicePDF unavailable
20Boost converter - reviewPDF unavailable
21Boost converter - NgSpicePDF unavailable
22Buck-boost converter - reviewPDF unavailable
23Buck-boost converter - NgSpicePDF unavailable
24Equation based simulation of convertersPDF unavailable
25Forward Converter - reviewPDF unavailable
26Forward Converter simulationPDF unavailable
27Understanding Core flux resetPDF unavailable
28Core flux reset - simulationPDF unavailable
29Flyback converter - reviewPDF unavailable
30Flyback converter - simulationPDF unavailable
31Pushpull converter - reviewPDF unavailable
32Pushpull converter - simulationPDF unavailable
33Half bridge converter - reviewPDF unavailable
34Half bridge converter - simulationPDF unavailable
35Full bridge converter - reviewPDF unavailable
36Full bridge converter - simulationPDF unavailable
37Close loop operationPDF unavailable
38Close loop with feed forward controlPDF unavailable
39NgSpice simulation of close loop controlPDF unavailable
40Battery charging with current controlPDF unavailable
41Slope compensation for current controlPDF unavailable
42NgSpice simulation of battery chargingPDF unavailable
43Single phase PWM for single phase inverterPDF unavailable
44NgSpice simulation of single phase PWMPDF unavailable
452-axes theory for 3-phase systemsPDF unavailable
46Transformations for 2 and 3 axes systemsPDF unavailable
47Maximum power point tracking - NgSpicePDF unavailable
48Space vector PWM - digitalPDF unavailable
49Space vector PWM - analogPDF unavailable
50SVPWM analog - NgSpice simulationPDF unavailable
51Induction motor modelPDF unavailable
52Induction motor simulation in OctavePDF unavailable
53V/F control of induction motor - NgSpicePDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available