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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Course introduction - 1Download
2Course introduction - 2Download
3Introduction to Deep Learning - 1Download
4Introduction to Deep Learning - 2Download
5Introduction to Deep Learning - 3Download
6Introduction to Neuron - 1Download
7Introduction to Neuron - 2Download
8Introduction to Neuron - 3Download
9Multilayer PerceptronDownload
10Regression and classification lossesDownload
11Training a neural networkDownload
12Gradient descentDownload
13Activation functionDownload
14Backpropagation in MLP - 1Download
15Backpropagation in MLP - 2Download
16Optimization and Regularization - 1Download
17Optimization and Regularization - 2Download
21Convolutional Neural Networks - 1Download
22Convolutional Neural Networks - 2Download
23Convolutional Neural Networks - 3Download
24Low-level vision - 1Download
25Low-level vision - 2Download
26Low-level vision - 3Download
27Spatial Domain FilteringDownload
28Frequency Domain FilteringDownload
29Edge Detection - 1Download
30Edge Detection - 2Download
31DeepNets for Edge DetectionDownload
32Line detectionDownload
33Feature detectorsDownload
34Harris Corner Detector - 1Download
35Harris Corner Detector - 2Download
36Harris Corner Detector - 3Download
37Blob detection - 1Download
38Blob detection - 2Download
39Blob detection - 3Download
40SIFT - 1Download
41SIFT - 2Download
42Feature descriptors - 1Download
43Feature descriptors - 2Download
44SURF - 1Download
45SURF - 2Download
46Single-View Geometry - 1Download
47Single-View Geometry - 2Download
482D Geometric transformations - 1Download
492D Geometric transformations - 2Download
50Camera intrinsics and extrinsics - 1Download
51Camera intrinsics and extrinsics - 2Download
52Two-view stereo - 1Download
53Two-view stereo - 2Download
54Two-view stereo - 3Download
55Algebraic representation of epipolar geometry - 1Download
56Algebraic representation of epipolar geometry - 2Download
57Fundamental matrix computation - 1Download
58Fundamental matrix computation - 2Download
59Structure from Motion - 1Download
60Structure from Motion - 2Download
61Structure from Motion - 3Download
62Batch processing in SFMDownload
63Multi-view SFMDownload
64Factorization methods in SFMDownload
65Bundle adjustmentDownload
66Dense 3D reconstructionDownload
67Some results in Stereo and SFMDownload
68Deepnets for stereo and SFM - 1Download
69Deepnets for stereo and SFM - 2Download
70Mid-level vision - 1Download
71Mid-level vision - 2Download
72Lucas-Kanade method for OFDownload
73Handling large motion in optical flowDownload
74Image segmentationDownload
75GMM for clusteringDownload
76Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -1Download
77Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -2Download
78Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -3Download
79Deepnets for Object Detection - 1Download
80Deepnets for Object Detection - 2Download
81Vision and LanguageDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Course introduction - 1PDF unavailable
2Course introduction - 2PDF unavailable
3Introduction to Deep Learning - 1PDF unavailable
4Introduction to Deep Learning - 2PDF unavailable
5Introduction to Deep Learning - 3PDF unavailable
6Introduction to Neuron - 1PDF unavailable
7Introduction to Neuron - 2PDF unavailable
8Introduction to Neuron - 3PDF unavailable
9Multilayer PerceptronPDF unavailable
10Regression and classification lossesPDF unavailable
11Training a neural networkPDF unavailable
12Gradient descentPDF unavailable
13Activation functionPDF unavailable
14Backpropagation in MLP - 1PDF unavailable
15Backpropagation in MLP - 2PDF unavailable
16Optimization and Regularization - 1PDF unavailable
17Optimization and Regularization - 2PDF unavailable
18RegularizationPDF unavailable
19DropoutPDF unavailable
20Pre-processingPDF unavailable
21Convolutional Neural Networks - 1PDF unavailable
22Convolutional Neural Networks - 2PDF unavailable
23Convolutional Neural Networks - 3PDF unavailable
24Low-level vision - 1PDF unavailable
25Low-level vision - 2PDF unavailable
26Low-level vision - 3PDF unavailable
27Spatial Domain FilteringPDF unavailable
28Frequency Domain FilteringPDF unavailable
29Edge Detection - 1PDF unavailable
30Edge Detection - 2PDF unavailable
31DeepNets for Edge DetectionPDF unavailable
32Line detectionPDF unavailable
33Feature detectorsPDF unavailable
34Harris Corner Detector - 1PDF unavailable
35Harris Corner Detector - 2PDF unavailable
36Harris Corner Detector - 3PDF unavailable
37Blob detection - 1PDF unavailable
38Blob detection - 2PDF unavailable
39Blob detection - 3PDF unavailable
40SIFT - 1PDF unavailable
41SIFT - 2PDF unavailable
42Feature descriptors - 1PDF unavailable
43Feature descriptors - 2PDF unavailable
44SURF - 1PDF unavailable
45SURF - 2PDF unavailable
46Single-View Geometry - 1PDF unavailable
47Single-View Geometry - 2PDF unavailable
482D Geometric transformations - 1PDF unavailable
492D Geometric transformations - 2PDF unavailable
50Camera intrinsics and extrinsics - 1PDF unavailable
51Camera intrinsics and extrinsics - 2PDF unavailable
52Two-view stereo - 1PDF unavailable
53Two-view stereo - 2PDF unavailable
54Two-view stereo - 3PDF unavailable
55Algebraic representation of epipolar geometry - 1PDF unavailable
56Algebraic representation of epipolar geometry - 2PDF unavailable
57Fundamental matrix computation - 1PDF unavailable
58Fundamental matrix computation - 2PDF unavailable
59Structure from Motion - 1PDF unavailable
60Structure from Motion - 2PDF unavailable
61Structure from Motion - 3PDF unavailable
62Batch processing in SFMPDF unavailable
63Multi-view SFMPDF unavailable
64Factorization methods in SFMPDF unavailable
65Bundle adjustmentPDF unavailable
66Dense 3D reconstructionPDF unavailable
67Some results in Stereo and SFMPDF unavailable
68Deepnets for stereo and SFM - 1PDF unavailable
69Deepnets for stereo and SFM - 2PDF unavailable
70Mid-level vision - 1PDF unavailable
71Mid-level vision - 2PDF unavailable
72Lucas-Kanade method for OFPDF unavailable
73Handling large motion in optical flowPDF unavailable
74Image segmentationPDF unavailable
75GMM for clusteringPDF unavailable
76Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -1PDF unavailable
77Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -2PDF unavailable
78Deepnets for Segmentation and OF -3PDF unavailable
79Deepnets for Object Detection - 1PDF unavailable
80Deepnets for Object Detection - 2PDF unavailable
81Vision and LanguagePDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available