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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Review of Maxwell's EquationsDownload
2Wave EquationDownload
3Dispersion RelationDownload
4Propagating and Evanescent WavesDownload
5Diffraction Limit and Spatial FrequenciesDownload
6Plane WavesDownload
7Optical Response of MaterialsDownload
8Lorentz ModelDownload
9Properties of Lorentz Oscillator ModelDownload
10Drude-Lorentz Model for MetalsDownload
11Kramers-Kronig RelationDownload
12Engineering Optical Response of MaterialsDownload
13Low dimensional systemsDownload
14Absorption in SemiconductorsDownload
15Optical gain in semiconductorsDownload
16Absorption in low-dimensional semiconductorsDownload
17Selection rules for optical processesDownload
18Scattering of EM radiationDownload
19LSPR: Quasi-static approximationDownload
20Size dependence of Plasmon ResonanceDownload
21Tuning Plasmonic ResonancesDownload
22Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP)Download
23Understanding SPP Dispersion DiagramDownload
24Exciting Surface Plasmon PolaritonsDownload
25Analytical Calculation of Scattering Coefficients - IPython code overviewDownload
26EM Waves in Multilayer Stack - T Matrix formulationDownload
27Photonic Bandgap in 1DDownload
28EM Waves in 1D Photonic CrystalDownload
29Diffracton GratingDownload
30Applications of Photonic CrystalsDownload
31PhC in 1D - T-matrix examplesDownload
32Introduction to MetamaterialsDownload
33Metamaterials at GHz and THz frequeciesDownload
34Negative index materials at optical frequenciesDownload
35Plasmonic MetasurfacesDownload
36Dielectric MetasurfacesDownload
37Tunable and Active MetamaterialsDownload
38Radiative Absorption and EmissionDownload
39Miniaturization of Integrated Photonic DevicesDownload
40Recent trends in nanoscale lasersDownload
41Non-Hermitian SystemsDownload
42Resonant light-atom interactionsDownload
43Experimental observation of Rabi oscillationsDownload
44Atom-Cavity Interaction - Weak and strong coupling regimesDownload
45Experimental observation of weak and strong couplingDownload
46Fabrication of nanophotonic structures - 1Download
47Fabrication of nanophotonic structures - 2Download
48Measuring light quantaDownload
49Photon StatisticsDownload
50Photodetection and shot noise limitDownload
51Second order correlation functionDownload
52Hanbury Brown-Twiss Experiment with PhotonsDownload
53EM Waves as harmonic oscillatorDownload
54Vacuum fluctuationsDownload
55Coherent and squeezed statesDownload
56Squeezed and photon number statesDownload
57Application of squeezed statesDownload
58Preliminaries for quantum theory of lightDownload
59Quantum theory of lightDownload
60Operator solution of quantum harmonic oscillatorDownload
61Photon number statesDownload
62Field quadratures and operatorsDownload
63Uncertainty relations for quantum lightDownload
64Applications of quantum light - Quantum Key DistributionDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Review of Maxwell's EquationsPDF unavailable
2Wave EquationPDF unavailable
3Dispersion RelationPDF unavailable
4Propagating and Evanescent WavesPDF unavailable
5Diffraction Limit and Spatial FrequenciesPDF unavailable
6Plane WavesPDF unavailable
7Optical Response of MaterialsPDF unavailable
8Lorentz ModelPDF unavailable
9Properties of Lorentz Oscillator ModelPDF unavailable
10Drude-Lorentz Model for MetalsPDF unavailable
11Kramers-Kronig RelationPDF unavailable
12Engineering Optical Response of MaterialsPDF unavailable
13Low dimensional systemsPDF unavailable
14Absorption in SemiconductorsPDF unavailable
15Optical gain in semiconductorsPDF unavailable
16Absorption in low-dimensional semiconductorsPDF unavailable
17Selection rules for optical processesPDF unavailable
18Scattering of EM radiationPDF unavailable
19LSPR: Quasi-static approximationPDF unavailable
20Size dependence of Plasmon ResonancePDF unavailable
21Tuning Plasmonic ResonancesPDF unavailable
22Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP)PDF unavailable
23Understanding SPP Dispersion DiagramPDF unavailable
24Exciting Surface Plasmon PolaritonsPDF unavailable
25Analytical Calculation of Scattering Coefficients - IPython code overviewPDF unavailable
26EM Waves in Multilayer Stack - T Matrix formulationPDF unavailable
27Photonic Bandgap in 1DPDF unavailable
28EM Waves in 1D Photonic CrystalPDF unavailable
29Diffracton GratingPDF unavailable
30Applications of Photonic CrystalsPDF unavailable
31PhC in 1D - T-matrix examplesPDF unavailable
32Introduction to MetamaterialsPDF unavailable
33Metamaterials at GHz and THz frequeciesPDF unavailable
34Negative index materials at optical frequenciesPDF unavailable
35Plasmonic MetasurfacesPDF unavailable
36Dielectric MetasurfacesPDF unavailable
37Tunable and Active MetamaterialsPDF unavailable
38Radiative Absorption and EmissionPDF unavailable
39Miniaturization of Integrated Photonic DevicesPDF unavailable
40Recent trends in nanoscale lasersPDF unavailable
41Non-Hermitian SystemsPDF unavailable
42Resonant light-atom interactionsPDF unavailable
43Experimental observation of Rabi oscillationsPDF unavailable
44Atom-Cavity Interaction - Weak and strong coupling regimesPDF unavailable
45Experimental observation of weak and strong couplingPDF unavailable
46Fabrication of nanophotonic structures - 1PDF unavailable
47Fabrication of nanophotonic structures - 2PDF unavailable
48Measuring light quantaPDF unavailable
49Photon StatisticsPDF unavailable
50Photodetection and shot noise limitPDF unavailable
51Second order correlation functionPDF unavailable
52Hanbury Brown-Twiss Experiment with PhotonsPDF unavailable
53EM Waves as harmonic oscillatorPDF unavailable
54Vacuum fluctuationsPDF unavailable
55Coherent and squeezed statesPDF unavailable
56Squeezed and photon number statesPDF unavailable
57Application of squeezed statesPDF unavailable
58Preliminaries for quantum theory of lightPDF unavailable
59Quantum theory of lightPDF unavailable
60Operator solution of quantum harmonic oscillatorPDF unavailable
61Photon number statesPDF unavailable
62Field quadratures and operatorsPDF unavailable
63Uncertainty relations for quantum lightPDF unavailable
64Applications of quantum light - Quantum Key DistributionPDF unavailable

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