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1SemiconductorsPDF unavailable
2Modelling of PN Junction DiodesPDF unavailable
3Modelling of BJTsPDF unavailable
4Diode and BJT Model Parameter ExtractionPDF unavailable
5BJT Inverters DC and Switching CharacteristicsPDF unavailable
6Schottky TransistorPDF unavailable
7Specifications of Logic CircuitsPDF unavailable
8Qualitative discussion on TTL CircuitsPDF unavailable
9Standard TTL CircuitsPDF unavailable
10Schottky (74s..) and Low power Schottky (74lsPDF unavailable
11Advanced TTL CircuitsPDF unavailable
12I2 L TechnologyPDF unavailable
13Edge triggered D-F/FPDF unavailable
14I2 L - Condition for Proper OperationPDF unavailable
15I2 L - Propagation delay Self alignedPDF unavailable
16Schottky Transistor LogicPDF unavailable
17Stacked I2 LPDF unavailable
18ECL Basic OperationPDF unavailable
19Quantitative analysis of ECL 10k Series gatesPDF unavailable
20ECL 100k series; Stacked ECL gates; D-F/FPDF unavailable
21Emitter Function Logic;Low Power ECLPDF unavailable
22Polyemitter Bipolar Transistor In ECL;PropagationPDF unavailable
23Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Based ECL;ECLPDF unavailable
24nMOS Logic CircuitsPDF unavailable
25nMOS Logic Circuits(contd); CMOS :IntroductionPDF unavailable
26CMOS InverterPDF unavailable
27CMOS NAND,NOR and Other Gates: Clocked CMOSPDF unavailable
28Dynamic CMOS ;Transmission Gates;Realization Of MUX,decoder, D-F/FPDF unavailable
29BiCMOS GatesPDF unavailable
30BiCMOS Driver;BiCMOS 32-bit AdderPDF unavailable
31Digital Integrated CircuitsPDF unavailable
32Digital Integrated CircuitsPDF unavailable
33CMOS SRAMPDF unavailable
34BiCMOS SRAMPDF unavailable
35DRAM-CMOS and BiCMOSPDF unavailable
36ROM-EPROM,EEPROM and Flash EPROMPDF unavailable
37GaAs MESFET Characteristics and Equivalent CircuitsPDF unavailable
38Direct Coupled FET Logic; Superbuffer FET LogicPDF unavailable
39Buffered FET Logic; Schottky Diode FET LogicPDF unavailable
40Transmission Line EffectsPDF unavailable

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