Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Special Electromechanical Systems (Introduction)PDF unavailable
2Classification of MachinesPDF unavailable
3Single & Two-Phase MotorsPDF unavailable
4Single-Phase Induction Motors-AnalysisPDF unavailable
5Starting of Single-Phase Induction MotorsPDF unavailable
6Single-Phase Induction Motors AnalysisPDF unavailable
7Induction Motors Analysis by Symmetrical ComponentsPDF unavailable
8Modelling of 1-Phase Induction Motor (One & Two Windings)PDF unavailable
9Asymmetrical Induction Motor Generalized Rotating Field TheoryPDF unavailable
10Generalized Rotating Field Theory (contd.)PDF unavailable
11Generalized Rotating Field Theory (contd..)PDF unavailable
12Generalized Rotating Field Theory (contd...)PDF unavailable
13Analysis of Asymmetrical Machine by Generalized Rotating Field TheoryPDF unavailable
14Analysis of Asymmetrical Machine -PDF unavailable
15Analysis of Asymmetrical Induction MachinePDF unavailable
16Generalised Rotating-Field Theory of Wound Rotor Ind. Machine Having Asymmetry in Stator and Rotor Windings...PDF unavailable
17Generalised Rotating-Field Theory of Wound Rotor Ind. Machine Having Asymmetry in Stator and Rotor Windings PDF unavailable
18Testing of Small Electrical MachinesPDF unavailable
19Testing of 1-Phase Induction MotorsPDF unavailable
20Variable Reluctance (VR) MotorsPDF unavailable
21Switched Reluctance Motor (contd…)PDF unavailable
22Switched Reluctance Motor (contd…)PDF unavailable
23Switched Reluctance Motor (contd….)PDF unavailable
24Stepper Motors..PDF unavailable
25Stepper Motors (contd…)PDF unavailable
26Induction Generators...PDF unavailable
27Induction Generators (contd.…)PDF unavailable
28Doubly Fed Induction GeneratorsPDF unavailable
29Self Excited Induction Generators ...PDF unavailable
30Self Excited Induction Generators .(contd…)PDF unavailable
31Permanent Magnet MachinesPDF unavailable
32Squareware Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor DrivePDF unavailable
33Sine Wave Permanent-Magnet Brushless Motor DrivesPDF unavailable
34Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorsPDF unavailable

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