Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to the Course and Basic Electrical QuantityPDF unavailable
2R.L.C. Components, Energy Considerations, Sources and Circuit LawsPDF unavailable
3KCL, KVL & Network AnalysisPDF unavailable
4Networks Theorems ( Thevenin\'s/ Norton\'s )PDF unavailable
5Source Transformation; Super Position Theorem and Non- Linear One-PortsPDF unavailable
6Signal Wave FormsPDF unavailable
7Periodic Wave Forms & Elements of AmplifiersPDF unavailable
8Operational Amplifiers & DiodesPDF unavailable
9Rectifiers and Power SuppliesPDF unavailable
10Wave Shaping CircuitsPDF unavailable
11More on Wave Shaping Circuits and Introduction to Natural Response of CircuitsPDF unavailable
12Natural Response (Contd.)PDF unavailable
13Natural Response of 2nd Order CircuitPDF unavailable
14Natural Response of 2nd Order Circuit (contd.)PDF unavailable
15Impedance Functions, Poles, Zeros and their ApplicationsPDF unavailable
16Natural Response and Poles and Zeros and Introduction to Forced ResponsePDF unavailable
17Phasors and their Applications in AC Ckts, analysisPDF unavailable
18More About Phasors and Introduction to Complete ResponsePDF unavailable
19Complete Response of Electrical CircuitsPDF unavailable
20AC Circuit AnalysisPDF unavailable
21Filter Circuits and ResonancePDF unavailable
22Resonance (Contd.)PDF unavailable
23General Network Analysis PDF unavailable
24Two- Port NetworksPDF unavailable
25Semiconductor PhysicsPDF unavailable
26Semiconductor Physics (Contd.)PDF unavailable
27More About Diodes Including Zener DiodesPDF unavailable
28Bipolar Junction TransistorsPDF unavailable
29Transistors Characteristics & BiasingPDF unavailable
30BJT Biasing & Introduction to Power AmplifiersPDF unavailable
31BJT Power AmplifiersPDF unavailable
32Power AmplifierPDF unavailable
33Power Amplifiers (Contd.) and an Introduction to Small Signal Modelling of BJTPDF unavailable
34Small Signal Model & Small Signal AmplifiersPDF unavailable
35Small Signal Amplifiers (Contd.)PDF unavailable
36Small Signal Amplifier (Cont.)PDF unavailable
37Small Signal Amplifiers (Continued)PDF unavailable
38Negative Feedback PDF unavailable
39Digital CircuitsPDF unavailable
40Digital Circuits (Contd.)PDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available