Sl.No Chapter Name English
1The Control ProblemPDF unavailable
2Some More ExamplesPDF unavailable
3Different Kinds of Control SystemsPDF unavailable
4History of FeedbackPDF unavailable
5Modern Control ProblemsPDF unavailable
6DC Motor Speed ControlPDF unavailable
7System Modelling, AnalogyPDF unavailable
8Causes of System ErrorPDF unavailable
9Calculation of ErrorPDF unavailable
10Control System SensitivityPDF unavailable
11Automatic Control of DC MotorPDF unavailable
12Proportional ControlPDF unavailable
13Non-Unity FeedbackPDF unavailable
14Signal-Flow GraphPDF unavailable
15Mason's Gain FormulaPDF unavailable
16Signal-Flow Graph for DC Motor ControlPDF unavailable
17Steady-State CalculationsPDF unavailable
18Differential Equation Model and Laplace Transformation ModelPDF unavailable
19D-Operator MethodPDF unavailable
20Second-Order System ResponsePDF unavailable
21Frequency ResponsePDF unavailable
22Laplace Transformation TheoremsPDF unavailable
23Final Value TheoremPDF unavailable
24Transfer Function and Pole-Zero DiagramPDF unavailable
25'Good' Poles and 'Bad' PolesPDF unavailable
26Signal Flow Graph with Transfer FunctionsPDF unavailable
27s-Domain and t-DomainPDF unavailable
28Second-Order System Response in s-DomainPDF unavailable
29Integral FeedbackPDF unavailable
30Root-Locus MethodPDF unavailable
31Root-Locus RulesPDF unavailable
32Asymptotes of Root LocusPDF unavailable
33Routh ArrayPDF unavailable
34Singular CasesPDF unavailable
35Closed Loop PolesPDF unavailable
36Controller in the Forwarded PathPDF unavailable
37Mapping of Control in the Complex-PlanePDF unavailable
38Encirclement by a CurvePDF unavailable
39Nyquist CriterionPDF unavailable
40Application of the Nyquist CriterionPDF unavailable
41Polar Plot and Bode PlotsPDF unavailable
42Logarithmic Scale for FrequencyPDF unavailable
43'Asymptotic' DB GainPDF unavailable
44Compensating NetworkPDF unavailable
45Nichols' ChartPDF unavailable
46Time Domain Methods of Analysis and DesignPDF unavailable
47State-Variable EquationsPDF unavailable

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