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Sl.No Chapter Name MP4 Download
1Prologue Download
2The Winograd Schema ChallengeDownload
3Introduction (2013 version) Download
4Can Machines Think?Download
5The Turing TestDownload
6Language and Thought Download
7The Willing Suspension of DisbeliefDownload
8Machines with Wheels and GearsDownload
9The Notion of Mind in Philosophy Download
10Reasoning = ComputationDownload
11Concepts and Categories Download
12How did AI get its name? Download
13The Chess Saga Download
14A Brief History of AI Download
15The Worlds in our Minds Download
16Epiphemona in Computers Download
17State Space SearchDownload
18Domain Independent AlgorithmsDownload
19Deterministic Search Download
20DFS and BFS Download
21Comparing DFS and BFSDownload
22Depth First Iterative Deepening Download
23Heuristic Search Download
24Heuristic Functions and the Search LandscapeDownload
25Solution Space Search Download
26The Traveling Salesman Problem Download
27Escaping Local Optima Download
28Stochastic Local SearchDownload
29Genetic Algorithms: Survival of the FittestDownload
30Genetic Algorithms and SATDownload
31Genetic Algorithms for the TSPDownload
32Emergent SystemsDownload
33Ant Colony OptimizationDownload
34Finding Optimal PathsDownload
35Branch & BoundDownload
36Algorithm A*Download
37A*: An illustrated exampleDownload
38Is A* Admissible?Download
39Admissibility of A*Download
40Higher, Faster ... Download
41B&B - A* - wA* - Best First Download
42A*: Leaner Admissible VariationsDownload
43The Monotone ConditionDownload
44DNA Sequence AlignmentDownload
45Divide & Conquer Frontier Search. Download
46Smart Memory Graph Search Download
47Variations on A*: The story so far Download
48Breadth First Heuristic Search Download
49Beam Stack SearchDownload
50Game TheoryDownload
51Popular Recreational GamesDownload
52Board Games and Game TreesDownload
53The Evaluation Function in Board GamesDownload
54Algorithm Minimax and Alpha-Beta PruningDownload
55A Cluster of Strategies Download
56SSS*: A Best First AlgorithmDownload
57SSS*: A Detailed Example Download
58Automated Domain Independent PlanningDownload
59The Blocks World Domain Download
60State Space Planning: Forward and Backward Download
61Goal Stack Planning (GSP)Download
62GSP: A Detailed ExampleDownload
63Plan Space Planning (PSP)Download
64PSP: A Tiny Example Download
65Multi-Armed Robots Download
66Means-Ends AnalysisDownload
67The Planning Graph Download
68Algorithm GraphplanDownload
69Problem Decomposition. Download
70Algorithm AO*Download
71AO*: An IllustrationDownload
72Rule Based Expert SystemsDownload
73The Inference EngineDownload
74The OPS5 Language Download
75Conflict Resolution Download
76Business Rule Management SystemsDownload
77The Rete NetDownload
78Rete Algorithm: Optimizing the MatchDownload
79Rete Algorithm: Conflict Resolution Download
80Reasoning in Logic Download
81Rules of InferenceDownload
82Forward Reasoning Download
83First Order Logic Download
84Implicit Quantifier NotationDownload
85Backward ReasoningDownload
86Depth First Search on Goal TreesDownload
88Constraint Satisfaction Problems Download
89Binary Constraint NetworksDownload
90Interpreting Line Drawings Download
91Model Based Diagnosis Download
92Solving CSPsDownload
93Arc ConsistencyDownload
94Propagation = Reasoning Download
95Lookahead Search Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Prologue PDF unavailable
2The Winograd Schema ChallengePDF unavailable
3Introduction (2013 version) PDF unavailable
4Can Machines Think?PDF unavailable
5The Turing TestPDF unavailable
6Language and Thought PDF unavailable
7The Willing Suspension of DisbeliefPDF unavailable
8Machines with Wheels and GearsPDF unavailable
9The Notion of Mind in Philosophy PDF unavailable
10Reasoning = ComputationPDF unavailable
11Concepts and Categories PDF unavailable
12How did AI get its name? PDF unavailable
13The Chess Saga PDF unavailable
14A Brief History of AI PDF unavailable
15The Worlds in our Minds PDF unavailable
16Epiphemona in Computers PDF unavailable
17State Space SearchPDF unavailable
18Domain Independent AlgorithmsPDF unavailable
19Deterministic Search PDF unavailable
20DFS and BFS PDF unavailable
21Comparing DFS and BFSPDF unavailable
22Depth First Iterative Deepening PDF unavailable
23Heuristic Search PDF unavailable
24Heuristic Functions and the Search LandscapePDF unavailable
25Solution Space Search PDF unavailable
26The Traveling Salesman Problem PDF unavailable
27Escaping Local Optima PDF unavailable
28Stochastic Local SearchPDF unavailable
29Genetic Algorithms: Survival of the FittestPDF unavailable
30Genetic Algorithms and SATPDF unavailable
31Genetic Algorithms for the TSPPDF unavailable
32Emergent SystemsPDF unavailable
33Ant Colony OptimizationPDF unavailable
34Finding Optimal PathsPDF unavailable
35Branch & BoundPDF unavailable
36Algorithm A*PDF unavailable
37A*: An illustrated examplePDF unavailable
38Is A* Admissible?PDF unavailable
39Admissibility of A*PDF unavailable
40Higher, Faster ... PDF unavailable
41B&B - A* - wA* - Best First PDF unavailable
42A*: Leaner Admissible VariationsPDF unavailable
43The Monotone ConditionPDF unavailable
44DNA Sequence AlignmentPDF unavailable
45Divide & Conquer Frontier Search. PDF unavailable
46Smart Memory Graph Search PDF unavailable
47Variations on A*: The story so far PDF unavailable
48Breadth First Heuristic Search PDF unavailable
49Beam Stack SearchPDF unavailable
50Game TheoryPDF unavailable
51Popular Recreational GamesPDF unavailable
52Board Games and Game TreesPDF unavailable
53The Evaluation Function in Board GamesPDF unavailable
54Algorithm Minimax and Alpha-Beta PruningPDF unavailable
55A Cluster of Strategies PDF unavailable
56SSS*: A Best First AlgorithmPDF unavailable
57SSS*: A Detailed Example PDF unavailable
58Automated Domain Independent PlanningPDF unavailable
59The Blocks World Domain PDF unavailable
60State Space Planning: Forward and Backward PDF unavailable
61Goal Stack Planning (GSP)PDF unavailable
62GSP: A Detailed ExamplePDF unavailable
63Plan Space Planning (PSP)PDF unavailable
64PSP: A Tiny Example PDF unavailable
65Multi-Armed Robots PDF unavailable
66Means-Ends AnalysisPDF unavailable
67The Planning Graph PDF unavailable
68Algorithm GraphplanPDF unavailable
69Problem Decomposition. PDF unavailable
70Algorithm AO*PDF unavailable
71AO*: An IllustrationPDF unavailable
72Rule Based Expert SystemsPDF unavailable
73The Inference EnginePDF unavailable
74The OPS5 Language PDF unavailable
75Conflict Resolution PDF unavailable
76Business Rule Management SystemsPDF unavailable
77The Rete NetPDF unavailable
78Rete Algorithm: Optimizing the MatchPDF unavailable
79Rete Algorithm: Conflict Resolution PDF unavailable
80Reasoning in Logic PDF unavailable
81Rules of InferencePDF unavailable
82Forward Reasoning PDF unavailable
83First Order Logic PDF unavailable
84Implicit Quantifier NotationPDF unavailable
85Backward ReasoningPDF unavailable
86Depth First Search on Goal TreesPDF unavailable
87Incompleteness...PDF unavailable
88Constraint Satisfaction Problems PDF unavailable
89Binary Constraint NetworksPDF unavailable
90Interpreting Line Drawings PDF unavailable
91Model Based Diagnosis PDF unavailable
92Solving CSPsPDF unavailable
93Arc ConsistencyPDF unavailable
94Propagation = Reasoning PDF unavailable
95Lookahead Search PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available