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11.1 - IntroductionDownload
21.2 - Abductive Inferences and ExpectationsaDownload
31.3 - On Machine LearningDownload
41.4 - A New Test of Intelligence?Download
51.5 - The World According to UsDownload
61.6 - From Particles to ConceptsDownload
71.7 - The Domains for ReasoningDownload
81.8 - Hierarchies in RepresentationDownload
91.9 - Logic and Representation: A Quick TourDownload
102.1 - Symbols and ThoughtDownload
112.2 - From Gears to SymbolsDownload
122.3 - Truth, Logic, and ProvabilityDownload
132.4 - A Syntactic MachineDownload
142.5 - Entailment and ProofDownload
152.6 - The Languages of LogicDownload
162.7 - Patterns in ArgumentsDownload
172.8 - Rules of InferenceDownload
18Propositional LogicDownload
19Propositional Logic: SyntaxDownload
20Propositional Logic: SemanticsDownload
21Proofs: Natural DeductionDownload
22The Deduction TheoremDownload
24The Tableau MethodDownload
25First Order LogicDownload
26First Order Logic: SyntaxDownload
27FOL: Universal InstantiationDownload
28First Order Logic: SemanticsDownload
29FOL: Truth AssignmentsDownload
30Modified Modus PonensDownload
31The Unification AlgorithmDownload
33Expert SystemsDownload
34Backward Chaining SystemsDownload
35Deductive RetrievalDownload
36The Resolution Refutation MethodDownload
37Clause Form in FOLDownload
38Resolution Refutation in FOLDownload
39First Order Logic with EqualityDownload
40Who was the surgeon?Download
41Consistency vs. CompletenessDownload
42Logic ProgrammingDownload
44Horn Clauses and PrologDownload
45SLD Derivation = Backward ChainingDownload
46Programming in LogicDownload
47Prolog: Programming in LogicDownload
48Prolog: Procedural InterpretationDownload
49Prolog: Query EvaluationDownload
50Prolog: Unifying TermsDownload
51Prolog: Goal OrderDownload
52Prolog: TablingDownload
53Prolog: Negation by FailureDownload
54Prolog: The Cut OperatorDownload
55Rule Based Expert SystemsDownload
56The OPS5 LanguageDownload
57Match, Resolve, ExecuteDownload
58Conflict Resolution StrategiesDownload
59The Rete AlgorithmDownload
60The Rete NetDownload
61The Rete Net : ExamplesDownload
62Knowledge RepresentationDownload
63Synonyms, Antonyms, Hyponyms, MeronymsDownload
64Binary RelationsDownload
65Describing Family RelationsDownload
66Recursive DescriptionsDownload
67Abstract EntitiesDownload
68Reification: Units of MeasurementDownload
69Semantic Nets & Knowledge GraphsDownload
70DL: Description LogicsDownload
71Defining New Concepts and RolesDownload
72The Sentences in DLDownload
73A Family of LogicsDownload
74DL: Some ExamplesDownload
75ALC TableauDownload
76Model Checking in ALCDownload
77ALC Tableau: ExamplesDownload
78Language Independent RepresntationDownload
79Conceptual Dependency TheoryDownload
80CD StatesDownload
81Inferences in MARGIEDownload
82CD: ActionsDownload
83English to CDDownload
84Representing Complex VerbsDownload
85Semantic Parsing of LanguageDownload
86Knowledge StructuresDownload
88SAM: Script Apploer MechanismDownload
89A VIP VisitDownload
90Invoking ScriptsDownload
91Goals, Plans, and ActionsDownload
92Goal InteractionsDownload
93Explanation Driven UnderstandingDownload
94Tussle Over a BicycleDownload
95Plan Applier Mechanism (PAM)Download
96Requests and Rule InstancesDownload
97Managing Rule InstancesDownload
98Knowledge Structures: FramesDownload
100A Frame System for Travel PlanningDownload
101Inheritance in TaxonomiesDownload
102Default ReasoningDownload
103Closed World AssumptionDownload
105Default LogicDownload
106Autoepistemic ReasoningDownload
107The Event CalculusDownload
108The Effects of EventsDownload
109Epistemic LogicDownload
110Kripke Structures: Possible Worlds SemanticsDownload
111The Muddy Children PuzzleDownload
112The Effects of Epistemic ActionsDownload
113Reasoning with BeliefsDownload

Sl.No Chapter Name English
11.1 - IntroductionPDF unavailable
21.2 - Abductive Inferences and ExpectationsaPDF unavailable
31.3 - On Machine LearningPDF unavailable
41.4 - A New Test of Intelligence?PDF unavailable
51.5 - The World According to UsPDF unavailable
61.6 - From Particles to ConceptsPDF unavailable
71.7 - The Domains for ReasoningPDF unavailable
81.8 - Hierarchies in RepresentationPDF unavailable
91.9 - Logic and Representation: A Quick TourPDF unavailable
102.1 - Symbols and ThoughtPDF unavailable
112.2 - From Gears to SymbolsPDF unavailable
122.3 - Truth, Logic, and ProvabilityPDF unavailable
132.4 - A Syntactic MachinePDF unavailable
142.5 - Entailment and ProofPDF unavailable
152.6 - The Languages of LogicPDF unavailable
162.7 - Patterns in ArgumentsPDF unavailable
172.8 - Rules of InferencePDF unavailable
18Propositional LogicPDF unavailable
19Propositional Logic: SyntaxPDF unavailable
20Propositional Logic: SemanticsPDF unavailable
21Proofs: Natural DeductionPDF unavailable
22The Deduction TheoremPDF unavailable
23ModelsPDF unavailable
24The Tableau MethodPDF unavailable
25First Order LogicPDF unavailable
26First Order Logic: SyntaxPDF unavailable
27FOL: Universal InstantiationPDF unavailable
28First Order Logic: SemanticsPDF unavailable
29FOL: Truth AssignmentsPDF unavailable
30Modified Modus PonensPDF unavailable
31The Unification AlgorithmPDF unavailable
32SkolemizationPDF unavailable
33Expert SystemsPDF unavailable
34Backward Chaining SystemsPDF unavailable
35Deductive RetrievalPDF unavailable
36The Resolution Refutation MethodPDF unavailable
37Clause Form in FOLPDF unavailable
38Resolution Refutation in FOLPDF unavailable
39First Order Logic with EqualityPDF unavailable
40Who was the surgeon?PDF unavailable
41Consistency vs. CompletenessPDF unavailable
42Logic ProgrammingPDF unavailable
43ArithmeticPDF unavailable
44Horn Clauses and PrologPDF unavailable
45SLD Derivation = Backward ChainingPDF unavailable
46Programming in LogicPDF unavailable
47Prolog: Programming in LogicPDF unavailable
48Prolog: Procedural InterpretationPDF unavailable
49Prolog: Query EvaluationPDF unavailable
50Prolog: Unifying TermsPDF unavailable
51Prolog: Goal OrderPDF unavailable
52Prolog: TablingPDF unavailable
53Prolog: Negation by FailurePDF unavailable
54Prolog: The Cut OperatorPDF unavailable
55Rule Based Expert SystemsPDF unavailable
56The OPS5 LanguagePDF unavailable
57Match, Resolve, ExecutePDF unavailable
58Conflict Resolution StrategiesPDF unavailable
59The Rete AlgorithmPDF unavailable
60The Rete NetPDF unavailable
61The Rete Net : ExamplesPDF unavailable
62Knowledge RepresentationPDF unavailable
63Synonyms, Antonyms, Hyponyms, MeronymsPDF unavailable
64Binary RelationsPDF unavailable
65Describing Family RelationsPDF unavailable
66Recursive DescriptionsPDF unavailable
67Abstract EntitiesPDF unavailable
68Reification: Units of MeasurementPDF unavailable
69Semantic Nets & Knowledge GraphsPDF unavailable
70DL: Description LogicsPDF unavailable
71Defining New Concepts and RolesPDF unavailable
72The Sentences in DLPDF unavailable
73A Family of LogicsPDF unavailable
74DL: Some ExamplesPDF unavailable
75ALC TableauPDF unavailable
76Model Checking in ALCPDF unavailable
77ALC Tableau: ExamplesPDF unavailable
78Language Independent RepresntationPDF unavailable
79Conceptual Dependency TheoryPDF unavailable
80CD StatesPDF unavailable
81Inferences in MARGIEPDF unavailable
82CD: ActionsPDF unavailable
83English to CDPDF unavailable
84Representing Complex VerbsPDF unavailable
85Semantic Parsing of LanguagePDF unavailable
86Knowledge StructuresPDF unavailable
87ScriptsPDF unavailable
88SAM: Script Apploer MechanismPDF unavailable
89A VIP VisitPDF unavailable
90Invoking ScriptsPDF unavailable
91Goals, Plans, and ActionsPDF unavailable
92Goal InteractionsPDF unavailable
93Explanation Driven UnderstandingPDF unavailable
94Tussle Over a BicyclePDF unavailable
95Plan Applier Mechanism (PAM)PDF unavailable
96Requests and Rule InstancesPDF unavailable
97Managing Rule InstancesPDF unavailable
98Knowledge Structures: FramesPDF unavailable
99InheritancePDF unavailable
100A Frame System for Travel PlanningPDF unavailable
101Inheritance in TaxonomiesPDF unavailable
102Default ReasoningPDF unavailable
103Closed World AssumptionPDF unavailable
104CircumscriptionPDF unavailable
105Default LogicPDF unavailable
106Autoepistemic ReasoningPDF unavailable
107The Event CalculusPDF unavailable
108The Effects of EventsPDF unavailable
109Epistemic LogicPDF unavailable
110Kripke Structures: Possible Worlds SemanticsPDF unavailable
111The Muddy Children PuzzlePDF unavailable
112The Effects of Epistemic ActionsPDF unavailable
113Reasoning with BeliefsPDF unavailable

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3GujaratiNot Available
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5KannadaNot Available
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