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Guidelines in HCIHandout IHandout I112
Guidelines in HCIHandout IIHandout II14
Guidelines in HCIHandout IIIHandout III51
Guidelines in HCIHandout IVHandout IV60
Guidelines in HCIHandout VHandout V97
Guidelines in HCIHandout VIHandout VI27
Guidelines in HCIHandout VIIHandout VII235
Task modeling and analysisHandout VIIIHandout VIII46
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Interactive system designSelf Evaluation 1Self Evaluation 196
Model-based Design and evaluationSelf Evaluation IISelf Evaluation II66
Guidelines in HCISelf Evaluation IIISelf Evaluation III108
Task modeling and analysisSelf Evaluation IVSelf Evaluation IV52
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
IntroductionQ&A M1Question and Answers13
Interactive system designQ&A M2Assignment II18
Model-based Design and evaluationQ&A M3Assignment 320
Empirical research methods in HCIQ&A M5Assignment IV20
Task modeling and analysisQ&A M6Assignment V31
Dialog DesignQ&A M7Assignment VI17
Cognitive architectureQ&A M8Assignment VII21