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1Equations of motion using Hamiltonís principlePDF unavailable
2Equations of motion for continuous systems and Rayleighís quotientPDF unavailable
3Rayleigh Ritz method and method of weighted residualsPDF unavailable
4FEM: motivations. Analysis of axially vibrating rods and Euler-Bernoulli beamsPDF unavailable
5Beam elements. Reference systm. Assembly of matrices. Imposition of BCS. Final equation of motion.PDF unavailable
6FE modelling of planar structuresPDF unavailable
7FE modelling of planar structures (continued)PDF unavailable
8FRF-s and damping models-1PDF unavailable
9FRF-s and damping models-2PDF unavailable
10Material damping models. Dynamic stiffness and transfer matricesPDF unavailable
11Twisting of circular bars and rectangular bars. Analysis of gridsPDF unavailable
123D framesPDF unavailable
13Mathematical preliminaries and terminologies; Eulerís forward and backward difference methods.PDF unavailable
14Forward and backward Euler method. Central difference methodPDF unavailable
15Second order implicit methodsPDF unavailable
16Energy conservation. Nonlinear systems.PDF unavailable
17Model reduction schemesPDF unavailable
18Substructuring schemesPDF unavailable
19Plane stress modelsPDF unavailable
20Plane stress models (continued)PDF unavailable
213d Solid elementPDF unavailable
22Axisymmetric models. Plate bending elements.PDF unavailable
23Plate bending elements (continued) PDF unavailable
24Plate bending elements (continued).PDF unavailable
25Plate bending elements [continued]PDF unavailable
26IntroductionPDF unavailable
27Introduction (continued)PDF unavailable
28Nonlinear dynamical systems, fixed points and bifurcationsPDF unavailable
29Energy methods in stability analysisPDF unavailable
30FEM for stability analysis. Euler-Bernoulli beam and general formulationsPDF unavailable
313D beam element; plate element; imperfection sensitive structures; beams on elastic foundations; rings and arches.PDF unavailable
32Dynamic analysis of stability and analysis of time varying systemsPDF unavailable
33Dynamic analysis of stability and analysis of time varying systems.PDF unavailable
34FE modelling of vehicle structure interactionsPDF unavailable
35Inverse response sensitivity analysisPDF unavailable
36Inverse response sensitivity analysis (continued)PDF unavailable
37Introduction and review of continuum mechanicsPDF unavailable
38Review of measures of strain and stress; balance laws.PDF unavailable
39Total and updated Lagrangian formulationsPDF unavailable
40ClosurePDF unavailable

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