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Introduction and Basic ConceptsLesson 1 Slides-Historical Development and Model BuildingPPT Slides0.064
Introduction and Basic ConceptsLesson 2 Slides-Optimization Problem and Model FormulationPPT Slides0.143
Introduction and Basic ConceptsLesson 3 Slides-Classification of Optimization ProblemsPPT Slides0.083
Introduction and Basic ConceptsLesson 4 Slides-Classical and Advanced Techniques for OptimizationPPT Slides0.063
Optimization using CalculusLesson 1 Slides-Stationary points: Functions of Single and Two VariablesPPT Slides0.13
Optimization using CalculusLesson 2 Slides-Convexity and Concavity of Functions of One and Two VariablesPPT Slides0.178
Optimization using CalculusLesson 3 Slides-Optimization of Functions of Multiple Variables: Unconstrained OptimizationPPT Slides0.07
Optimization using CalculusLesson 4 Slides-Optimization of Functions of Multiple Variables subject to Equality ConstraintsPPT Slides0.219
Optimization using CalculusLesson 5 Slides-Kuhn-Tucker ConditionsPPT Slides0.078
Linear ProgrammingLesson 1 Slides-PreliminariesPPT Slides0.096
Linear ProgrammingLesson 2 Slides-Graphical MethodPPT Slides0.1
Linear ProgrammingLesson 3 Slides-Simplex Method - IPPT Slides0.158
Linear ProgrammingLesson 4 Slides-Simplex Method ? IIPPT Slides0.172
Linear ProgrammingLesson 5 Slides-Revised Simplex Method, Duality and Sensitivity analysisPPT Slides0.227
Linear ProgrammingLesson 6 Slides-Other Algorithms for Solving Linear Programming ProblemsPPT Slides0.098
Linear Programming ApplicationsLesson 1 Slides-Use of software for solving linear programming problemsPPT Slides0.492
Linear Programming ApplicationsLesson 2 Slides-Transportation ProblemPPT Slides0.167
Linear Programming ApplicationsLesson 3 Slides-Assignment ProblemPPT Slides0.168
Linear Programming ApplicationsLesson 4 Slides-Structural & Water Resources ProblemsPPT Slides0.137
Dynamic ProgrammingLesson 1 Slides-IntroductionPPT Slides0.054
Dynamic ProgrammingLesson 2 Slides-Recursive EquationsPPT Slides0.051
Dynamic ProgrammingLesson 3 Slides-Computational Procedure in Dynamic ProgrammingPPT Slides0.09
Dynamic ProgrammingLesson 4 Slides-Other TopicsPPT Slides0.07
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsLesson 1 Slides-Design of Continuous BeamPPT Slides0.039
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsLesson 2 Slides-Optimum Geometric Layout of TrussPPT Slides0.044
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsLesson 3 Slides-Water Allocation as a Sequential Process ? Recursive EquationsPPT Slides0.08
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsLesson 4 Slides-Water Allocation as a Sequential Process ? Numerical ExamplePPT Slides0.107
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsLesson 5 Slides-Capacity ExpansionPPT Slides0.252
Integer ProgrammingLesson 1 Slides-Integer Linear ProgrammingPPT Slides0.067
Integer ProgrammingLesson 2 Slides-Mixed Integer ProgrammingPPT Slides0.044
Integer ProgrammingLesson 3 Slides-Integer Programming - ExamplesPPT Slides0.071
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 1 Slides-Piecewise Linear Approximation of a Nonlinear FunctionPPT Slides0.087
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 2 Slides-Multi-objective OptimizationPPT Slides0.109
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 3 Slides-Multilevel OptimizationPPT Slides0.043
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 4 Slides-Direct and Indirect Search MethodsPPT Slides0.045
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 5 Slides-Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization and SearchPPT Slides0.117
Advanced Topics in OptimizationLesson 6 Slides-Applications in Civil EngineeringPPT Slides0.032
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Introduction and Basic ConceptsObjectives-Introduction and Basic ConceptsPDF0.013
Optimization using CalculusObjectives-Optimization using CalculusPDF0.012
Linear ProgrammingObjectives-Linear ProgrammingPDF0.014
Linear Programming ApplicationsObjectives-Linear Programming ApplicationsPDF0.015
Dynamic ProgrammingObjectives-Dynamic ProgrammingPDF0.013
Dynamic Programming ApplicationsObjectives-Dynamic Programming ApplicationsPDF0.011
Integer ProgrammingObjectives-Integer ProgrammingPDF0.012
Advanced Topics in OptimizationObjectives-Advanced Topics in OptimizationPDF0.012