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1Course StructureDownload
2Introduction to Google EarthDownload
3How Does Earth Science Work?Download
4What is a MineralDownload
5Minerals and Rock CycleDownload
6Continental DriftDownload
7Plate TectonicsDownload
8What are Igneous Rocks?Download
9Compositional Variation of Igneous RocksDownload
10Why Does the Rock Melt?Download
11Igneous Activity and Plate TectonicsDownload
12Igneous StructuresDownload
14Discussion on Posted QuestionsDownload
15What are Metamorphic RocksDownload
16Types of MetamorphismDownload
17Discussion on Conceptual QuestionsDownload
18Discussion on Posted QuestionsDownload
19Diversity of LifeDownload
20Why Do Groups Change?Download
21Nature of Paleontological DataDownload
22Introduction to PaleoDBDownload
23Relative AgeDownload
25Attempts to Estimate Absolute AgeDownload
26Radiometric DatingDownload
27Rocks Full of LifeDownload
28Discussion on Posted Questions_3Download
29The BeginningDownload
30The Formation of the Planets and MoonDownload
31The Formation of the ContinentsDownload
32The Formation of the Atmosphere and OceanDownload
33Origin of Life: Initial IdeasDownload
34Origin of Life: Which Biomolecules Came First?Download
35Origin of Life: Where did it all Start?Download
36Evidence of Early LifeDownload
37Proterozoic Events and LifeDownload
38Discussion on Posted Questions_4Download
39Cambrian Earth and LifeDownload
40Cambrian ExplosionDownload
41Journey to Land: Fishes and TetrapodsDownload
42Journey to Land: Transitional FormsDownload
43Appearance of AmniotesDownload
45Dinosaurs FootprintsDownload
46Appearance of FeathersDownload
47Mass Extinctions and Their ImpactDownload
48K-Pg Extinction: PatternsDownload
49K-Pg Extinction: MechanismsDownload
50Paleoclimatic ReconstructionDownload
51Cenozoic ClimateDownload
52Recovery from K-Pg: Paleogene EventDownload
53Who are Whales?Download
54Discussion on Posted Questions_5Download
55Development of BipedalityDownload
56Early HominidsDownload
57Megafaunal ExtinctionDownload
58Recent ExtinctionsDownload
59Anthropocene and FutureDownload
60Discussion on Posted Questions_6Download

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Course StructurePDF unavailable
2Introduction to Google EarthPDF unavailable
3How Does Earth Science Work?PDF unavailable
4What is a MineralPDF unavailable
5Minerals and Rock CyclePDF unavailable
6Continental DriftPDF unavailable
7Plate TectonicsPDF unavailable
8What are Igneous Rocks?PDF unavailable
9Compositional Variation of Igneous RocksPDF unavailable
10Why Does the Rock Melt?PDF unavailable
11Igneous Activity and Plate TectonicsPDF unavailable
12Igneous StructuresPDF unavailable
13VolcanoesPDF unavailable
14Discussion on Posted QuestionsPDF unavailable
15What are Metamorphic RocksPDF unavailable
16Types of MetamorphismPDF unavailable
17Discussion on Conceptual QuestionsPDF unavailable
18Discussion on Posted QuestionsPDF unavailable
19Diversity of LifePDF unavailable
20Why Do Groups Change?PDF unavailable
21Nature of Paleontological DataPDF unavailable
22Introduction to PaleoDBPDF unavailable
23Relative AgePDF unavailable
24CorrelationPDF unavailable
25Attempts to Estimate Absolute AgePDF unavailable
26Radiometric DatingPDF unavailable
27Rocks Full of LifePDF unavailable
28Discussion on Posted Questions_3PDF unavailable
29The BeginningPDF unavailable
30The Formation of the Planets and MoonPDF unavailable
31The Formation of the ContinentsPDF unavailable
32The Formation of the Atmosphere and OceanPDF unavailable
33Origin of Life: Initial IdeasPDF unavailable
34Origin of Life: Which Biomolecules Came First?PDF unavailable
35Origin of Life: Where did it all Start?PDF unavailable
36Evidence of Early LifePDF unavailable
37Proterozoic Events and LifePDF unavailable
38Discussion on Posted Questions_4PDF unavailable
39Cambrian Earth and LifePDF unavailable
40Cambrian ExplosionPDF unavailable
41Journey to Land: Fishes and TetrapodsPDF unavailable
42Journey to Land: Transitional FormsPDF unavailable
43Appearance of AmniotesPDF unavailable
44DinosaursPDF unavailable
45Dinosaurs FootprintsPDF unavailable
46Appearance of FeathersPDF unavailable
47Mass Extinctions and Their ImpactPDF unavailable
48K-Pg Extinction: PatternsPDF unavailable
49K-Pg Extinction: MechanismsPDF unavailable
50Paleoclimatic ReconstructionPDF unavailable
51Cenozoic ClimatePDF unavailable
52Recovery from K-Pg: Paleogene EventPDF unavailable
53Who are Whales?PDF unavailable
54Discussion on Posted Questions_5PDF unavailable
55Development of BipedalityPDF unavailable
56Early HominidsPDF unavailable
57Megafaunal ExtinctionPDF unavailable
58Recent ExtinctionsPDF unavailable
59Anthropocene and FuturePDF unavailable
60Discussion on Posted Questions_6PDF unavailable

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