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Assignment-10question and solutionAssignment-10question and solution
Assignment-11question and solutionAssignment-11question and solution
Assignment-12question and solutionAssignment-12question and solution
Assignment-1question and solutionAssignment-1question and solution
Assignment-2question and solutionAssignment-2question and solution
Assignment-3question and solutionAssignment-3question and solution
Assignment-4question and solutionAssignment-4question and solution
Assignment-5question and solutionAssignment-5question and solution
Assignment-6question and solutionAssignment-6question and solution
Assignment-7question and solutionAssignment-7question and solution
Assignment-8question and solutionAssignment-8question and solution
Assignment-9question and solutionAssignment-9question and solution

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Lecture 1A - Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation - Part - 1PDF unavailable
2Lecture 1B - Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation - Part - 2PDF unavailable
3Lecture 2A - Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation - Part - 3PDF unavailable
4Lecture 2B - Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation - Part - 4 PDF unavailable
5Lecture 3A- Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation- Part - 5 PDF unavailable
6Lecture 3B- Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation- Part - 6PDF unavailable
7Lecture 4A-Subsoil Investigation or Site Investigation- Part - 7PDF unavailable
8Lecture 4B- FoundationsPDF unavailable
9Lecture-5A-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-1PDF unavailable
10Lecture-5B-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-2PDF unavailable
11Lecture-6A-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-3PDF unavailable
12Lecture-6B-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-4PDF unavailable
13Lecture-7A-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-5PDF unavailable
14Lecture-7B-Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundations-Part-6PDF unavailable
15Lecture 8A - Settlement Analysis - Part 1 PDF unavailable
16Lecture 8B - Settlement Analysis - Part 2PDF unavailable
17Lecture 9A - Settlement Analysis - Part 3 PDF unavailable
18Lecture 9B - Stress distribution in soils - Part 1PDF unavailable
19Lecture 10A - Stress distribution in soils - Part 2 PDF unavailable
20Lecture 10B - Stress distribution in soils - Part 3PDF unavailable
21Lecture 11A - Stress distribution in soils - Part 4PDF unavailable
22Lecture 11B - Stress distribution in soils - Part 5PDF unavailable
23Lecture 12A - Examples based on bearing capacity and settlementPDF unavailable
24Lecture 12B - Design of foundation - Part 1PDF unavailable
25Lecture 13A - Design of Foundation - Part 2PDF unavailable
26Lecture 13B - Design of Foundation - Part 3PDF unavailable
27Lecture 14A - Design of Foundation - Part 4PDF unavailable
28Lecture 14B - Design of Foundation - Part 5PDF unavailable
29Lecture 15A - Types of foundations (Combined Footing)PDF unavailable
30Lecture 15B - Design of Raft FoundationPDF unavailable
31Lecture 16A - Earth Pressure Theories - Part 1 PDF unavailable
32Lecture 18A - Earth Pressure Theories - Part 5PDF unavailable
33Lecture 18B - Deep Foundation - Part 1 PDF unavailable
34Lecture 18C - Deep Foundation - Part 2PDF unavailable
35Lecture 18D - Deep Foundation - Part 3PDF unavailable
36Lecture 20A - Deep Foundation - Part 4PDF unavailable
37Lecture 20B - Deep Foundation - Part 5PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available