Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to AtmospherePDF unavailable
2Air Pollution SystemsPDF unavailable
3Air Quality StandardsPDF unavailable
4Types and Forms of Air PollutantsPDF unavailable
5Measurement Units and Particulate classificationPDF unavailable
6Interpretation and Particle size DistributionPDF unavailable
7Atmospheric formation of Air Pollutants IPDF unavailable
8Atmospheric formation of Air Pollutants IIPDF unavailable
9Atmospheric formation of Air Pollutants IIIPDF unavailable
10Kinetics of Air pollution and combustion processesPDF unavailable
11Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution IPDF unavailable
12Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution IIPDF unavailable
13Air Pollution and Health IPDF unavailable
14Air Pollution and Health IIPDF unavailable
15Emission InventoryPDF unavailable
16Sources of Air PollutionPDF unavailable
17Emission from Fugitive Sources and Sulfuric Acid ProductionPDF unavailable
18Aluminium Production and Air Pollution IPDF unavailable
19Aluminium Production and Air Pollution IIPDF unavailable
20Coke Production and Air PollutionPDF unavailable
21Examples for PracticePDF unavailable
22Meteorological Measurements and their interpretationPDF unavailable
23Examples for Practice - Dispersion ModelingPDF unavailable
24Vertical Temperature Profile of AtmospherePDF unavailable
25Stability, Mixing Height and Plume Behavior IPDF unavailable
26Stability, Mixing Height and Plume Behavior IIPDF unavailable
27Examples - Solar Radiation Based Stability CalculationPDF unavailable
28Air Quality Modeling IPDF unavailable
29Air Quality Modeling IIPDF unavailable
30Derivation of Gaussian ModelPDF unavailable
31Gaussian Model - Useful FormulationPDF unavailable
32Plume rise, Area and Line Source ModelPDF unavailable
33Air Quality Modeling - Maximum Ground Level concentrationPDF unavailable
34Examples of Air Quality ModelingPDF unavailable
35Air Pollution Control Devices IPDF unavailable
36Air Pollution Control Devices IPDF unavailable
37Source Emission MonitoringPDF unavailable
38Receptor Source ModelingPDF unavailable
39Environmental lawsPDF unavailable

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