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1Lecture 01: SyllabusDownload
2M1L1: History Of Microwave Remote SensingDownload
3M1L2: Overview Of Active And Passive Microwave Remote SensingDownload
4M1L3: Fundamentals Laws Of Remote SensingDownload
5Tutorial 01: Python Programming From Beginner PerspectiveDownload
6M1L4: Scattering Of MicrowavesDownload
7M2L1: Synthetic Aperture Radars - BasicsDownload
8M2L2: Sar Image Processing - Fundamental TerminologiesDownload
9M2L3: Working With Sar ImageryDownload
10M2L4: Understanding Radar EquationDownload
11Tutorial 02 : Exploring Alos Palsar Data In PythonPDF unavailable
12M2L5: Understanding Radar ImageryPDF unavailable
13Tutorial 03: Introduction To SNAPPDF unavailable
14M2L6: Doppler ShiftPDF unavailable
15M2L7: SpecklePDF unavailable
16M2L8: Speckle- How To HandlePDF unavailable
17Tutorial 04 Part 01: Plotting In 1 D Using PythonPDF unavailable
18Tutorial 04 Part 02: Plotting In 2 D Using PythonPDF unavailable
19Tutorial 04 Part 03: Statistics Using PythonPDF unavailable
20Tutorial 04 Part 04: Hypothesis Tesing Using PythonPDF unavailable
21M2L9: Sar Image Pre ProcessingPDF unavailable
22M2L10: Sar Image TexturePDF unavailable
23M2L11: Texture For Image ClassificationPDF unavailable
24M2L12: PolarizationPDF unavailable
25Tutorial 05 Part 01: Speckle Filtering Using PythonPDF unavailable
26Tutorial 05 Part 02: Speckle Filtering Using Python Using Gaussian FilterPDF unavailable
27M2NU1: Numerical On Radar Remote SensingPDF unavailable
28M2NU2: Numerical On Radar Remote SensingPDF unavailable
29M3L1: Image Classification - BasicsPDF unavailable
30M3L2: Supervised ClassificationPDF unavailable
31M3L3: Maximum Likelihood ClassificationPDF unavailable
32Tutorial 06 Part 01: Sar Image Pre-processingPDF unavailable
33Tutorial 06 Part 02: Maximum Likelihood Classification In SnapPDF unavailable
34M3L4: Unsupervised Classification And Accuracy AssessmentPDF unavailable
35M3L5: Fuzzy ClassificationPDF unavailable
36Tutorial 07 Part 01: Working With Grace Data In PythonPDF unavailable
37Tutorial 07 Part 02: Altimetry Data In PythonPDF unavailable
38Tutorial 07 Part 03: Swot Mission For AltimetryPDF unavailable
39M4L1: Radars In HydrologyPDF unavailable
40M4L2: Applications Of Radar Remote Sensing In HydrologyPDF unavailable
41M4L3: Doppler Weather RadarPDF unavailable
42Tutorial 08 Part01: Doppler Weather Radar Data Visualization And Precipitation EstimationPDF unavailable
43Tutorial 08 Part 02: Doppler Weather Radar Data Visualization And Precipitation EstimationPDF unavailable
44M4L4: Radar AltimetryPDF unavailable
45M4L5: Measuring Soil Moisture And Terrestrial Water Storage Using Radar Remote SensingPDF unavailable
46Tutorial 09: Handling Passive Microwave ObsevationsPDF unavailable
47M5L1: Fundamentals Of Passive Microwave Remote Sensing - Part 1PDF unavailable
48M5L2: Fundamentals Of Passive Microwave Remote Sensing - Part 2PDF unavailable
49M5L3: Applications Of Passive Microwave Remote Sensing In HydrologyPDF unavailable
50M5L4: Passive Microwave Radiometers And Their ApplicationsPDF unavailable
51Tutorial 10: Processing Satellite Precipitation Data Using PythonPDF unavailable
52M6L1: Introduction To The Basics Of Sar IntereferometryPDF unavailable
53M6L2: Sar Interferometry (Insar) And ApplicationsPDF unavailable
54M6L3: Introduction To Other Modes Of Sar Interferometry And Applications - DInSAR, PSInSAR and DEM'sPDF unavailable
55Tutorial 11: Sar Interferometry Processing Using SnaphuPDF unavailable
56Tutorial 12 Part 1: Hydrologic Modelling Using Microwave Remote SensingPDF unavailable
57Tutorial 12 Part 2: Introduction To Swat+ Hydrological ModelPDF unavailable
58Tutorial 12 Part 3 : Introductory Tutorial On Vic Hydrological ModelPDF unavailable

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