Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1General Introduction to the Course and SyllabusPDF unavailable
2Hierarchical Approach to Process Design IPDF unavailable
3Hierarchical Approach to Process Design - ExamplesPDF unavailable
4Input Information and Design Aspects of Batch vs. Continuous ProcessPDF unavailable
5Input / Output Structure of Flowsheet (Part I)PDF unavailable
6Input / Output Structure of Flowsheet (Part II)PDF unavailable
7Input / Output Structure of Flowsheet (Part III) and Recycle Structure of Flowsheet (Part I)PDF unavailable
8Recycle Structure of Flowsheet (Part II)PDF unavailable
9Recycle Structure of Flowsheet (Part III)PDF unavailable
10Recycle Structure of Flowsheet (Part IV) and Tutorial (Part I)PDF unavailable
11Tutorial (Part II)PDF unavailable
12Tutorial (Part III)PDF unavailable
13Algorithm and Basic Principles of Reactor DesignPDF unavailable
14Reactor Non-ideality, Residence Time Distribution (RTD) and Types of Chemical Reactions & CatalystsPDF unavailable
15Types of Reactors and Selection CriteriaPDF unavailable
16Tutorial on Reactor Design and Cost EstimationPDF unavailable
17General Introduction (Types of Separation Processes and Criteria for Selection of the Processes)PDF unavailable
18Guidelines for Design of Separation SystemsPDF unavailable
19Design of Distillation Columns Part I (Sequencing of Columns, Energy Integration / Thermal Coupling of the Columns)PDF unavailable
20Design of Distillation Columns Part II (Plate and Packed Towers, Number of Plates, Diameter and Height of the Column)PDF unavailable
21Tutorial Part I (Design of Absorption Column)PDF unavailable
22Tutorial Part II (Design of Distillation Column)PDF unavailable
23Concepts and Basic Principles of Energy (or Heat) Integration Part 1 (Composite Curves and ?Tmin)PDF unavailable
24Concepts and Basic Principles of Heat Integration Part 2 (Problem Table Algorithm and Identification of Energy Targets)PDF unavailable
25Identification of Area and Cost TargetsPDF unavailable
26Pinch Technology for Heat Exchanger Network DesignPDF unavailable
27Tutorial - I (Composite Curves, Problem Table Algorithm and Enthalpy Intervals)PDF unavailable
28Tutorial - II (Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Using Pinch Technology)PDF unavailable
29Selection of Process, Design of Flowsheet and Materials BalancePDF unavailable
30Energy Balance, Process Alternatives and Design of the AbsorberPDF unavailable
31Rules of Thumb & Their Limitations and TutorialPDF unavailable
32General Concepts & Principles and Cost Allocation ProcedurePDF unavailable
33Lumped Cost Diagram and Cost Allocation Diagram (Case Study of Hydro-dealkylation Process)PDF unavailable
34Assessment of Process Alternatives with Cost Allocation Diagram (Case Study of Hydrodealkylation Process)PDF unavailable
35Tutorial on Lumped Cost Diagram and Cost Allocation DiagramPDF unavailable
36Introduction to Chemical Projects and Their Economic AspectsPDF unavailable
37Selection of the Process and Project Site (Part I)PDF unavailable
38Selection of the Process and Project Site (Part II)PDF unavailable
39Project Cost Estimation (Part I)PDF unavailable
40Project Cost Estimation (Part II)PDF unavailable
41Simplified Cost Model and DepreciationPDF unavailable
42Time Value of MoneyPDF unavailable
43Measures of Profitability and Project Evaluation (Part I)PDF unavailable
44Measures of Profitability and Project Evaluation (Part II)PDF unavailable
45Tutorial on Project Economics (Part I)PDF unavailable
46Tutorial on Project Economics (Part II)PDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available