Modules / Lectures

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1Introduction to Mass TransferPDF unavailable
2Molecular DiffusionPDF unavailable
3Ficks Law of DiffusionPDF unavailable
4Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids Part IPDF unavailable
5Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids Part IIPDF unavailable
6Diffusion coefficient: Measurement and Prediction Part IPDF unavailable
7Diffusion Coefficient: Measurement and Prediction Part IIPDF unavailable
8Multicomponent Diffusion and Diffusivity in SolidsPDF unavailable
9Concept of Mass Transfer CoefficientPDF unavailable
10Dimensionless Groups and Co-relations for ConvectivePDF unavailable
11Mass Transfer co-efficient in Laminar Flow ConditionPDF unavailable
12Boundary Layer Theory and Film Theory in Mass TransferPDF unavailable
13Mass Transfer Coefficients in Terbulant FlowPDF unavailable
14Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part IPDF unavailable
15Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part IIPDF unavailable
16Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part 3PDF unavailable
17Agitated and Sparged VasselsPDF unavailable
18Tray Column Part IPDF unavailable
19Tray Column Part IIPDF unavailable
20Packed TowerPDF unavailable
21Introduction to Absorption and Solvent selectionPDF unavailable
22Packed Tower Design Part IPDF unavailable
23Packed Tower Design Part IIPDF unavailable
24Packed Tower Design Part IIIPDF unavailable
25Mass Transfer Coefficients Correlation and HETP ConceptPDF unavailable
26Tray Tower Design and Introduction to Multicomponent SystemPDF unavailable
27Introduction to Distillation and Phas diagramsPDF unavailable
28Azeotropes and Enthalpy Concentration DiagramsPDF unavailable
29Flash DistillationPDF unavailable
30Batch and Steam DistillationPDF unavailable
31Fractional DistillationPDF unavailable
32Fractional Distillation: McCabe Thiele MethodPDF unavailable
33Fractional Distillation: Minimum Reflux and Pinch PointPDF unavailable
34Fractional Distillation: Subcooled Reflux ,Tray Efficiency and Use of Open SteamPDF unavailable
35Fractional Distillation: Multiple Feeds and Side StreamPDF unavailable
36Multistage Batch Distillation with RefluxPDF unavailable
37Fractional Distillation: Ponchan and Savarit MethodPDF unavailable
38Ponchan and Savarit Method and Packed Tower DistillationPDF unavailable
39Multicomponent DistillationPDF unavailable

Sl.No Language Book link
1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
3GujaratiNot Available
4HindiNot Available
5KannadaNot Available
6MalayalamNot Available
7MarathiNot Available
8TamilNot Available
9TeluguNot Available