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Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-01PPTIntroduction to Turbomachineries833
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-02PPTAxial flow compressors and fans566
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-03PPTDesign parameters, Two dimensional analysis: Cascade aerodynamics542
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-04PPTPerformance parameters: cascade analysis 2-D losses in axial compressor stage –primary losses279
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-06PPT3-D Flows in Blade Passages of Axial Flow Compressors1365
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-07PPTThree Dimensional Flow Analysis in Axial Compressor392
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-08PPTAxial Flow Compressor 3-D Blade Design Laws475
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-09PPTThree dimensional flow analysis in Axial Flow Compressors871
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-11PPTPerformance characteristics of axial flow compressors426
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-12PPTInstability in axial compressors650
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-13PPTInlet distortion and its effect on compressor stability, Control of instabilities702
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-14PPTTransonic Compressors1113
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-15PPTDesign of Axial Compressors631
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-16PPTAerodynamic Design of Axial Compressor1532
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-17PPTAxial Compressor Design 3-D Blade Shapes759
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-18PPTNoise problem in Axial Compressors and Fans891
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-19PPTAxial Turbine -----Fundamental Aerothermodynamics557
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-20PPTAxial flow turbine602
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-21PPTAxial flow turbine - Degree of Reaction, Losses and Efficiency503
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-22PPTAxial flow turbine - Performance characteristics,Axial turbine blades, Exit flow matching with nozzle266
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-24PPTAxial Flow Turbine Multi-staging and Multi-spooling761
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-25PPTAxial Flow Turbines 3-D Flow theories332
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-27PPTTurbine Blade Cooling - Blade cooling requirements, Fundamentals of heat transfer225
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-28PPTAxial Flow Turbine Blade Cooling Technologies1361
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-29PPTAxial Flow Turbine Blade design -Profiles940
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-30PPTAxial Flow Turbine3-D blade design470
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-31PPTCentrifugal compressors -Thermodynamics of centrifugal compressors,Components of a centrifugal compressor499
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-32PPTCentrifugal compressors320
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-34PPTCentrifugal Compressors Design of Centrifugal Compressor elements –Impellers, Vanes etc.1391
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-35PPTRadial flow turbines753
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-37PPTRadial Flow Turbines Characteristics and Design1603
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-38PPTComputational Fluid Dynamics for turbomachinery638
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-39PPTComputational Fluid Dynamics for turbomachinery1419
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsLec-40PPTFundamentals of CFD for use in Turbomachinery Analysis1629
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsQuiz 1Quiz\'s3
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsQuiz 2Quiz\'s3
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-05Exercise Problems73
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-10Exercise Problems140
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-23Exercise Problems82
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-26Exercise Problems205
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-33Exercise Problems61
Turbomachinery AerodynamicsExercise Lec-36Exercise Problems62

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1L1-Introduction to Turbo machines Syllabus, References and SchedulesPDF unavailable
2L2-Axial Flow Compressors and Fans : Introduction to Compressor AerothermodynamicsPDF unavailable
3L3-A two dimensional analytical model :CascadePDF unavailable
4L4-2D losses in Axial flow Compressor Stage : Primary lossesPDF unavailable
5L5-Tutorial 1 : Two Dimensional Axial Flow CompressorsPDF unavailable
6L6-3D Flows in Blade Passages, Secondary Flows, Tip leakage Flow, ScrubblingPDF unavailable
7L7-Three Dimensional Flow Analysis : Radial Equilibrium ConceptPDF unavailable
8L8-Classical Blade Design Laws : Free Vortex and other LawsPDF unavailable
9L9-Three Dimensional Flow Analysis in Axial Flow CompressorPDF unavailable
10L10-Tutorial 2: Three Dimensional Axial Flow CompressorsPDF unavailable
11L11-Axial Compressor Characteristics: Single stage, Multi stage and Multi spool Characteristics PDF unavailable
12L12-Instability in Axial CompressorsPDF unavailable
13L13-Inlet Distortion and Rotating Stall, Control of InstabilityPDF unavailable
14L14-Transonic Compressors and Shock Structure Models, Transonic Compressor CharacteristicsPDF unavailable
15L15-Axial Flow Compressor Design, Inter Spool DuctPDF unavailable
16L16-Design of Compressor Blades, Aerofoil Design (Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic Profiles )PDF unavailable
17L17-Design of Compressor Blade: 3D Blade Shapes of Rotors and StatorsPDF unavailable
18L18-Noise Problem in Axial Compressors and FansPDF unavailable
19L19-Axial Flow Turbines: Introduction to Turbines Aerothermodynamics PDF unavailable
20L20-Axial Flow Turbines: Turbine Blade 2D (Cascade) AnalysisPDF unavailable
21L21-Axial Flow Turbines: Work done, Degree of Reaction, Losses and EfficiencyPDF unavailable
22L22-Axial Flow Turbines: Blade and Axial Flow Passages, Exit Flow Matching with NozzlePDF unavailable
23L23-Tutorial 3 : Axial Flow TurbinesPDF unavailable
24L24-Multi staging and Multi spooling of TurbinePDF unavailable
25L25-3D Flow in Turbine: 3D Flow Theories, Free Vortex Theories etc. PDF unavailable
26L26-Tutorial 4 : 3D Flows in Axial Flow Turbines PDF unavailable
27L27-Turbine Blade Cooling – Fundamentals of Heat Transfer, Blade Cooling Requirements PDF unavailable
28L28-Turbine Blade Cooling TechnologiesPDF unavailable
29L29-Turbine Blade Design: Turbine Profiles, Aerofoil Data and Profile ConstructionPDF unavailable
30L30-Turbine Blade Design: 3D Blade ShapesPDF unavailable
31L31-Centrifugal Compressors: Thermodynamics and AerodynamicsPDF unavailable
32L32-Centrifugal Compressors : Characteristics, Stall, Surge ProblemsPDF unavailable
33L33-Tutorial 5 : Centrifugal CompressorsPDF unavailable
34L34-Design of Centrifugal Compressors: Impellers, Vane/Vane less Diffusers, VolutesPDF unavailable
35L35-Radial Turbines: Thermodynamics and AerodynamicsPDF unavailable
36L36-Tutorial 6 : Radial TurbinesPDF unavailable
37L37-Radial Turbine Characteristics and Design of Radial TurbinesPDF unavailable
38L38-CFD for Turbomachinery: Grid Generation, Boundary Conditions for Flow AnalysisPDF unavailable
39L39-CFD for Turbomachinery: Flow Track and Inter-spool Duct Design using CFDPDF unavailable
40L40-CFD for Turbomachinery: 2D and 3D Blade Generation and Analysis Using CFDPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
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