Modules / Lectures
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Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-01Introduction of course1217
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-02How the thrust is created for flying1694
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-03Jet Engine Thrust and Other Performance Parameters1031
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-04Performance of a basic Jet engine894
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-05Variants of Aircraft Jet Engines2131
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-06Brayton cycles196
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-07Jet engine cycles for aircraft propulsion208
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-08Cycle components and component performance257
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-10Real cycle analysis234
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-12Thermodynamics of Compressors1294
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-13Thermodynamics of Turbines512
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-14Axial flow compressors258
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-15Cascade analysis495
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-16Free vortex theory Single and multi-stage axial compressor characteristics496
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-18Elements of centrifugal compressors529
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-19Performance characteristics of centrifugal compressors Surging and choking290
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-20Axial Flow Turbine Aerothermodynamic Fundamentals369
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-21Axial Turbine1258
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-22Radial Flow Turbines1672
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-24Combustion Chambers, Combustion Mechanism784
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-25Combustion Parameters257
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-26Combustion409
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-27Intakes for Transport aircraft,Military aircraft505
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-28Performance of intakes616
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-29Nozzle676
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-30Subsonic and supersonic nozzles, Working of these nozzles, Performance parameters for nozzles239
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-32Off-Design Operation Of Aircraft Jet Engines1230
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-33Matching of Engine Components731
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-34Engine Component Matching and Sizing722
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-35Installed performance of Engines395
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-37Ramjets and Pulsejets in Aircraft Propulsion469
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-38Thermodynamic cycle and performance parameters of ramjets and pulsejets188
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-39Components of ramjets and pulsejets244
Jet Aircraft PropulsionLect-40Performance of Ramjet Engines1211
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Jet Aircraft PropulsionQuiz 1Quiz3
Jet Aircraft PropulsionQuiz 2Quiz 23

Sl.No Chapter Name English
1L1-Introduction & Development of Jet Aircraft PropulsionPDF unavailable
2L2-How the Aircraft Jet Engines make Thrust PDF unavailable
3L3-Jet Engine Basic Performance Parameters PDF unavailable
4L4-Turbojet, Reheat Turbojet and Multi-spool Engines PDF unavailable
5L5-Turbofan, Turbo-prop and Turboshaft engines PDF unavailable
6L6-Ideal and Real Brayton cycles PDF unavailable
7L7-Jet Engine Cycles for Aircraft propulsionPDF unavailable
8L8-Cycle components and component performancesPDF unavailable
9L9-Tute-1PDF unavailable
10L10-Analysis of engine real cyclesPDF unavailable
11L11-Tute-2PDF unavailable
12L12-Thermodynamics of CompressorsPDF unavailable
13L13-Thermodynamics of TurbinesPDF unavailable
14L14-Axial Compressors : two dimensional analytical modelPDF unavailable
15L15-Cascade analysis; Loss and Blade performance estimationPDF unavailable
16L16-Free Vortex theory; Single-Multi-stage characteristicsPDF unavailable
17L17-Tutes – 3 PDF unavailable
18L18-Elements of centrifugal compressorPDF unavailable
19L19-Centrifugal Compressor characteristics: Surging, ChokingPDF unavailable
20L20-Axial flow turbines; Turbine Blade 2-D (cascade) analysisPDF unavailable
21L21-Multi-staging: Axial Turbine; Turbine Cooling TechnologyPDF unavailable
22L22-Radial Turbine Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics; LossesPDF unavailable
23L23-Tutes – 4PDF unavailable
24L24-Types of combustion chambers: mechanism & parametersPDF unavailable
25L25-Pr. Loss, Combustion efficiency; Combustion intensityPDF unavailable
26L26-Practical combustion system ; Stability, Fuel injectionPDF unavailable
27L27-Intakes for Powerplant: Transport / Military AircraftPDF unavailable
28L28-Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic Intake DesignsPDF unavailable
29L29-Nozzle : fixed and variable geometry nozzlesPDF unavailable
30L30-C-D nozzle and their usesPDF unavailable
31L31-Tute-5PDF unavailable
32L32-Engine Off Design OperationsPDF unavailable
33L33-Aircraft Engine component matching: Dimensional analysisPDF unavailable
34L34-Engine component matching and SizingPDF unavailable
35L35-Installed Performance of EnginePDF unavailable
36L36-Tute-6PDF unavailable
37L37-Use of Ramjets and Pulsejets in Aircraft propulsionPDF unavailable
38L38-Thermodynamic Cycle & Performance ParametersPDF unavailable
39L39-Flow in Diffusers, Combustors and NozzlesPDF unavailable
40L40-Performanace and Design of Ramjet & Scramjet EnginesPDF unavailable
41L41-Tute – 7PDF unavailable
42L42-Future of Aircraft PropulsionPDF unavailable

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1EnglishNot Available
2BengaliNot Available
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4HindiNot Available
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