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Course Wise

S.no Course Name Present Gold Elite Silver Success Participation
1Engineering Thermodynamics100001
2Irrigation and Drainage100001
3Principles of Construction Management100001
4Foundation Engineering100010
5Strength of materials24010122
6Concrete Technology22000022
7Advanced Concrete Technology300003
8Modern Construction materials400004
9Reinforced Concrete Road Bridges18010413
10Design of reinforced concrete structures380301817
11Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City200011
12Wastewater Treatment and Recycling300012
13Project planning and control400013
14Environmental Engineering- Chemical Processes200002
15Geotechnical engineering laboratory603021
16Higher Surveying100001
17Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil Engineers200002
18Switching Circuits and Logic Design100001
19Problem Solving through Programming in C90000783
20Programming in C++16000214
21Introduction to Programming in C65010955
22Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python1001009
23The Joy of Computing using Python301020
24Data Base Management Systems15000312
25Design and Analysis of Algorithms12000111
26Computer Networks and Internet Protocol18000018
27Introduction to Machine Learning400013
28Deep Learning100010
29Software testing300021
30Software Engineering300021
31Cloud Computing300021
32Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems502012
33Introduction to Internet of Things1101073
34Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases100001
35Hardware modeling using verilog100001
36Artificial Intelligence: Search Methods for problem Solving800008
37Introduction to R Software101000
38Discrete Mathematics100010
39Embedded Systems-Design Verification and Test200002
40System Design for Sustainability100001
41Electrical Distribution System Analysis100001
42Power system analysis700025
43Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators704021
44Basic electrical circuits13000013
45Analog circuits100001
46Control Engineering100010
47Advanced Linear Continuous Control Systems: Applications with MATLAB Programming and Simulink100001
48Analog communication100001
49Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications200011
50Semiconductor Devices and Circuits300003
51Digital Circuits602031
52Design of photovoltaic systems100010
53Op-Amp Practical Applications: Design, Simulation and Implementation100001
54Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography100001
55Control systems300021
56Introduction to Smart Grid200020
57Facts Devices700007
58Analog Electronic Circuit200002
59Introduction to Research202000
60Outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching101000
61English Language for Competitive Exams100010
62Soft skills401021
63Developing Soft Skills and Personality1207050
64Introduction to Basic Spoken Sanskrit100010
65Intellectual Property603021
66Calculus of One Real Variable100001
67Groups : Motion, symmetry and puzzles100001
68Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis900063
69Energy conservation and waste heat recovery100001
70Laws of thermodynamics1201065
71Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning500023
72Principles of Metal Forming Technology100010
73Principles of Casting Technology100010
74Fundamentals of manufacturing processes230001112
75Manufacturing Systems Technology I & II903033
76Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly500014
77Mechanics of Machining100001
78Processing of Polymers and Polymer Composites803032
79Advanced Composites100001
81Engineering Metrology500050
82Principles of Hydraulic Machines and System Design100001
83Design Practice - II903051
84Introduction to Abrasive Machining and Finishing Processes500032
85Experimental Stress Analysis-An Overview1000064
86Ethics in Engineering Practice200002
87Project management for managers701051
89Marketing Management-I100010
90Marketing research and analysis100010
91Data Analysis and Decision Making - I101000
92Business Analytics & Data Mining Modeling Using R-PART II101000
94Nature and Properties of Materials100010
95Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications600033
96Control System Design200002