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Course Wise

S.no Course Name Present Gold Elite Silver Success Participation
1Introduction to Aerospace Engineering - Flight100001
2Design of fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles100001
3Introduction to Ancient Indian Technology101000
4Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production100010
6Nanotechnology in Agriculture101000
7Biomedical nanotechnology100001
8Strength of Materials100001
9Foundation Engineering100001
10Concrete Technology300003
11Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures401012
12Scheduling Techniques in Projects600042
13Design of steel structures600015
14Fluid Mechanics700007
15Project Planning & Control1501077
16Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City201001
17Geosynthetics Testing Laboratory100010
18Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory1003151
19Environmental Geotechnics300003
20GPS Surveying700007
21Sustainable Materials and Green Buildings14010112
22Programming in C++500005
23An Introduction to Programming through C++800008
24Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python14030011
25The Joy of Computing using Python31089014
26Introduction to Programming in C16000115
27Problem Solving through Programming in C200002
28C Programming and Assembly Language100001
29Data Base Management System5701732710
30Design and analysis of algorithms100001
31Object oriented analysis and design100001
32Introduction to Operating Systems100010
33Operating System Fundamentals 100001
34Introduction to Machine Learning200020
35Introduction to Machine Learning100001
36Natural Language Processing300003
37Applied Natural Language Processing100001
38Python for Data Science25030715
39Data Science for Engineers100010
40Cloud Computing807001
41Introduction to Internet of Things1802088
42Ethical Hacking1201047
43Software Engineering100010
44Software testing603030
45Demystifying Networking201010
46Theory of Computation100001
47Practical Machine Learning with Tensorflow100001
48Artificial Intelligence : Search Methods for Problem Solving300003
49Programming In Java17021212
50Human Computer Interactions301011
51Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering13001111
52Basic Electric Circuits903024
53Power Electronics100001
54Analog Electronic Circuit100001
55Control engineering100010
56Analog Communication200002
57Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications200002
58Principles of Modern CDMA/ MIMO/ OFDM Wireless Communications100001
59Digital Signal Processing14000113
60Digital Image Processing200020
61Electrical Machines - I400004
62Electrical Distribution System Analysis10000010
63Power System Analysis100001
64DC Microgrid1103206
65Fundamentals of Electric Drives500005
66Fiber-Optic Communication Systems and Techniques101000
67Electrical Machines100001
68TALE 2: Course Design and Instruction of Engineering Course100100
69Introduction to Research100001
70Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science - Fundamental and Sustainability Concepts101000
71Ecology and Environment100001
72Developing Soft Skills and Personality463221281
73Soft skills401030
74Body Language: Key to Professional Success303000
75Ethics in Engineering Practice100100
76Interpersonal Skills1103512
78Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture100001
79Psychology of Everyday300030
80Development Research Methods100001
81Consumer Psychology1002035
82Patent Drafting for Beginners100010
83Engineering Mechanics100001
84Fundamentals of manufacturing processes800044
85Manufacturing Systems Technology Part I & II302010
86Computer numerical control CNC of machine tools and processes600006
87Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly501013
88Design Practice801034
89Work System Design101000
90Product Design using Value Engineering101000
91Principles of Metal Forming Technology100001
92Advanced Concepts in Fluid Mechanics200002
93Two-Phase Flow with Phase Change in Conventional and Miniature Channels100010
94Fluid Machines200011
95Concepts of Thermodynamics26000125
96Applied Thermodynamics for Engineers100001
97Refrigeration and air-conditioning1100065
98Energy Conservation and Waste Heat Recovery100010
99Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis500005
100Steam Power Engineering501013
101Smart Materials and Intelligent System Design400004
102Engineering Metrology802024
103Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence200011
104Selection of Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage Application201100
106Manufacturing Automation19020314
107Project Management100001
108Training of Trainers101000
110Educational Leadership110000
111Financial Derivatives & Risk Management100100
112Marketing Management-I100001
113Marketing research and analysis100001
114Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship201001
115Toyota Production System200011
116Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law200011
117An Introduction to Materials: Nature and Properties (Part 1: Structure of Materials)300003
118Welding Metallurgy301011
119Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials101000